Florida Passes Plan For Racially-Based Academic Goals


The Florida State Board of Education passed a plan that sets goals for students in math and reading based upon their race.On Tuesday, the board passed a revised strategic plan that says that by 2018, it wants 90 percent of Asian students, 88 percent of white students, 81 percent of Hispanics and 74 percent of black students to be reading at or above grade level. For math, the goals are 92 percent of Asian kids to be proficient, whites at 86 percent, Hispanics at 80 percent and blacks at 74 percent. It also measures by other groupings, such as poverty and disabilities, reported the Palm Beach Post.

Florida Passes Plan For Racially-Based Academic Goals « CBS Tampa

Ths is such a crock. When these people go out in the world and the job market is the employer going to say you can only do certain types of work because you are not smart enough?


Well, you know, we have to bolster up those minorities who can’t hack it on their own . . .