Florida teacher in trouble for quiz that called Trump an ‘idiot’


Compare how they describe Obama


What stinker this teacher is. He or she would be perfect person for the “reeducation program” run by a totalitarian state.

Using the word “idiot” is politically incorrect, however. Obviously this “educator” is on the right track, but not quite ready to teach at the college level. There they use more appropriate words, like “imbecile.”


First, at to avoid accusations of “what-about-ism”, I’ll say for the record that what this teacher did is wrong and they should be punished, even if I agree with his assessment, we should endeavor to keep that kind of divisive politics out of the classroom…

That said, would you say the same about this?


Wow. One incident from 9 YEARS ago was all you could find? That must have taken Google to near meltdown looking for it.


I also remember a play that got produced some years ago that advocated the assassination of George W. Bush when he was in office. There are crackpots on both sides of the aisle.

Way back, after the Kennedy assassination, there was a play called “Mac Bird” that linked Lyndon Johnson with the crime. It was inspired by “Macbeth.”


And let’s not forget the staging of Julius Caesar in New York recently with Caesar being played by a Trump lookalike!


Yes, I have forgotten about that one, @pappadave.


Yes, sauce for the Democrat is sauce for the Republican.


I don’t think people realize how their kids are being propagandized by leftist teachers and officials.

While on school grounds NO ONE can get youtube videos of conservative talk
you can’t get fox news but cnn has a 10 minute segment every morning to propagandize these skulls full of mush.
Kids aren’t being taught cursive, government, times tables. thinking processes.
Teachers bully conservative kids into conformity.
Many teachers aren’t teaching…they turn on the video and let that run the entire class time.
Many teachers took off a couple days cause they were so distraught over the 2016 election. adults.
Teachers allow kids on their cellphones to keep them pacified and quiet.
The kids are taught to be non confrontational…If a kid is hit and defends himself…he is punished also.
No Trump clothing, or anything supporting the president. It was okay with Obonehead.
much more.
They can’t read, do math, Don’t know science or history.
It’s a mess.