Foghorn out,pence in!


My Fellow Americans,
It is with a HEAVY HEART that my position as Mr.Trump’s running mate is now ,alas , no more. I personally think it was because of the cigars and the hat…and an old white guy running behind Mr.Trump tends to worry the Secret Service. Nevertheless, I hope his new running mate, Gov.Pence, will be able to stand the pace. As Trump bobs and weaves through the next few months, a younger man running with him will be of use, no doubt. By the time I get myself rolling along at a 3.00 mile pace (read that as a mile every three hours…downhill) ,Trump is nowhere to be seen. Oh,well…
Now that the Convention is over, it is back to the South to rabble-rouse for our candidate.(And we got a lot of RABBLE! Lawd knows what will happen if they REALLY gets riled and roused!)
So, for the next few days , the Baton Rouge Bombshell, Miss Boom-Boom Larue, and I will relax with a Mint Julep while awaiting the DNC and their attack on society…look for us in the demonstrators…I will be wearing the Panama Hat…looking relaxed since I am not running anymore…unless I get chased. Those Dems are DEATH to heterosexual conservative white males.
Bet we could burn some LGBT flags at Philadelphia! And that ISIS trash rag!

The Senator:flag:


After Trumps wandering diatribe and vitriol against Cruz this am he has slipped a bunch of notches. He should have left Cruz alone, damage was done and over and all Trump did was bring it back up like vomit and make Cruz look better and Trump look a bit nutso on Cruze’s contrived linkage to the JFK murder.


I totally understand. But…(just in case) I assume that you will be in the wings if something were to befall Pence & were to drop out? My suggest would be to prepare yourself in case that “just in case” were to happen. So I would suggest mint juleps while sunning yourself to a deep brown. One that could be mistaken for a darker color. Also practice lying about everything with the ultimate goal of being able to swear that your Thomas Jefferson during a lie detector test & passing it. That will put you even with the left. As for Miss Boom-Boom Larue you need to pump her for information about Bill Clinton. The odds are he knew her for a short period of time. I wish you well & will rest easier knowing that your standing by.
(Oh & just between us you might want to start the paperwork on some sort of a foundation. Once your elected I’ve heard that people will stand in line to funnel money to you if you have a foundation).


I am getting the color I spend about 2-4 hours + almost every day shirtless either on my John Deere or with a chainsaw in my hand and down here in S Tx trust me its HOT…


I am getting the color I spend about 2-4 hours + almost every day shirtless
That wouldn’t help me. With a little sun I look somewhat Mexican & am often mistaken for one. With a lot of sun, I become a true red man & look Indian (which I am mostly).


While being correct on probably 90% of the issues I find important, IMO Trump has SERIOUS character flaws. Clinton is correct to draw attention to his temperament. Frankly, I think the man is a LOUSY candidate and often an embarrassment. I have NEVER heard/seen an individual running for public office so tone-deaf in my life.

Just when you think his family might have successfully put lipstick on this pig, the pig without makeup reveals itself yet again.

What a shame - When we required leadership the electorate turned to Obama. Now, when we are desperate to right the ship the electorate turns to arguably the two most severely flawed candidates I’ve witnessed in my lifetime.


History will bring this up when it writes our epitaph and the debate will rage like an old beer commercial “tastes Great” or “less Filling”, was is the American people who slit their own throats and took their country down, killing the golden goose or was it the leaders who lead them into the darkness?


Philly’s only about 3h from New York… I might drive by.


Only a couple of days after posting the above quoted post, Trump decides to go after the Muslim “gold star” man and wife speakers (the Khans) at the Dem convention whose son was killed in defense of the United States. Not too damn smart.

Just prior to stepping in the Do Do over the Khan family issue, Trump was able to remove the negative spotlight from the derisive, Dem primary rigging emails and place it on himself and the Russians. An insanely stupid thing to do.

As a result of his uncontrollable urge to self destruct, I’m beginning to think the only way Trump defeats Clinton is if he can hold it together long enough to make a good showing in the debates with her (I don’t think for a moment that he can hold it together), or that just prior to the election a damning batch of emails from among the “erased” 30,000 are dumped.

Beyond one or both of those things happening I think it very likely that Trump will self destruct to the extent even the likes of Hillary Clinton will prevail.

It is ironic that, in Hillary Clinton, Trump found one of the only Dem candidates so extremely flawed that he could conceivably win and, likewise in Trump, Clinton found one of the few Republicans so freakin’ inept that she could win.