Food Allergies

Anyone else here afflicted with them?

I’m allergic to a whole bunch of stuff, the main three being gluten, whey, and onion, since they’re in pretty much everything.

…you are a mess aren’t you…

My oldest son was allergic to soy, eggs, wheat, peanuts and mustard…

When he was a baby he was always fussy and uncomfortable. Most formula includes wheat or gluten base. And if not, it’s a soy base…

So we had to try and find a rice based formula.

He’s outgrown them all and is eight years old.

I don’t ever recall hearing about all these food allergies when I was a kid. They seem to be something more recent…or am I wrong?..

btw…other than hayfever, which is cure with A/C, I’m not allergic to any food…

Yep. XD

There’s a theory that allergies are caused by too much cleaniliness, as in, the immune system has nothing to attack so it attacks innocent things. It’s called the hygeine hypothesis.

In my case, though, it’s a side effect of my illness, and I wasn’t allergic to anything till I was twelve.

I’m really glad I didn’t have them as a baby, Sparky. >.< But at least you only had to feed him one thing! XD

I don’t know about food allergies but I’m allergic to cats… badly.

I have none that I know of. I have a cousin who’s mildly allergic to tomatoes (doesn’t stop him from enjoying a pizza), as well as tobacco smoke, and another who’s allergic to a number of things, including chocolate and strawberrys. Her mom is allergic to wheat/gluten.

:freaked: :freaked: :freaked: Now way!!!??? That must be awful! Give him/her my condolences for being allergic to those :yes:.

I sent her a big box of cookies that allowed for her allergies, and some rice crispy marshmallow treats so that she could share something with her mom without running afoul of her mom’s gluten allergy.

Ooooh…if I says it, I get’s a whuppin…

But I’ll be an :angel:

Aww, how sweet.

Man, I wish I had a cousin like you! XD

:confused: Do I *want *to know?

Probably not…

I am not allergic to anything.

Steeler Fans?:biggrin:

Okay, that’s one of my allergies. I see too much of it on the Pittsburgh TV news.

“Hines Ward changes socks; Big Ben farts. Live update at six.”


No. If I have learned one thing by being an athelete …it is that having good sportsmanship is important. So while I am definitly not a fan of the Steelers…them being rivals of the Dallas Cowboys and all…I am not “allergic” to them. haha:hippy:

Want to make an internet bet on the game tomorrow…?

You take the Cowboys and I’ll take the Steelers…

Loser has to have an avatar of the others team for a week…