Food Shortages - The Next Left Made Crisis

The next confrontation is going to over farming and farmland. The Dutch farmers are now protesting laws that will force them to kill their livestock and do away with many fertilizers. The left wants the farms run by the state and large corporations.

The left has no or very short memories. The state run farms in the Soviet Union were a disaster. The country constantly had to import food from the west. Now with food shortages facing the world again, the left wants to rip the private agriculture system to pieces.

The left learns nothing from the past because they refuse to acknowledge what happened. All they do is holler "Climate Change! and have nothing but half-baked or non-existent plans to “fix it.”

They want everybody in electric cars, yet the cars are not available. Furthermore, they don’t realize that the current electric grid could not power a huge influx of electric vehicles.

They don’t consider that fact that China will have monopoly power over the batteries that run them. They also don’t think about the environmental impact of disposing of the batteries. All they can yell is “Go out and buy a new electric vehicle!”

The left and the Biden administration think nothing about these things. They just destroy the current system and offer nothing to take its place.

Yup. In John Barron’s MiG Pilot in which he recounts the true story of a Soviet fighter pilot (Viktor Belenko) who defected to the U.S. by flying his MiG-25 to Japan in 1976, it tells of a time when Belenko spent some time working on an American farm. He did this, because he had the sense that in the time since he’d defected, he’d only seen the best of America. He wanted to see the worst for some perspective, and in the Soviet Union, the worst, outside of a concentration camp or other prison, was a farm. So he worked for a season on a family farm, and his assessment, recorded as his thoughts, were thus (excerpted):

You came out here looking for the worst, and what did you find? These farmers, they live better than almost anybody in Moscow or Leningrad. I’m not even sure that Politburo members can buy in Moscow everything you can buy out here in Sticksville. Why, a common laborer on this farm is better off than a Soviet fighter pilot. And you don’t have to put up with all that s***, from the first day of school until the last day you breath.

And the way they do things works. Look at that harvest! Did they bring in the Air Force and the Army and students and workers from two hundred fifty kilometers away and screw around for weeks and let a third of the crop rot because the machinery broke down and nobody knew or cared what he was doing?

Lied! It’s worse than lying. The Party turned the truth upside down. It’s the kolkhozniks who are the serfs. No wonder a farmer here produces ten times as much as a kolkhoznik! No wonder they have to buy from the Americans! Don’t forget that. Don’t forget what you’ve seen with your own eyes, here and there.

If you haven’t read MiG Pilot, I highly recommend it. I don’t think John Barron got everything right, but it still has a lot of good insight. On the title page, it credits Reader’s Digest Press, and McGraw-Hill Book Company.

If you’re talking about the core leftist voters, I agree. But I don’t doubt that the leftist power brokers know what they’re doing; they just don’t know that their end game won’t work.