Football Coach Punished for Making Bully Run Laps


A Connecticut football coach was fired for making a bully run laps, **WTNH reports. **
Coach Todd Kennedy told the television station he was removed from his volunteer position as a coach for kids in grades 4 through 6 because he punished a child for bullying.
Kennedy said he told the boys he had a zero tolerance policy when it came to bullying – so when one of the kids was accused - the child was instructed to run a few laps around the field.
The football league’s board was furious that Kennedy would punish a child for bullying.
“[One of the board members] said why did you feel that you were qualified to handle this bullying incident? I’m like because I’m a father,” he told the television station.
He was suspended and then fired.

Football Coach Punished for Making Bully Run Laps

Isn’t this amazing. We have a coach fired for punishing a bully while schools boards want to have a child arrested for eating a pop tart which looks like a gun.


One time I was coaching a team of mixed kids. We had both boys & girls on the team. There was this girl that talked. When I say talked, I mean she TALKED. It was non stop & to everyone or no one it didn’t matter. So finally I had enough & I had her run a couple of laps for talking. As luck would have it her dad walked up just after she started & asked me about it. I told him the truth that she was disruptive because I couldn’t get her to stop talking so I had her running a couple of laps. There was a long pause & as he turned away he said “I wish that I could make her mother run laps for talking”. True story.