Still boycotting the NFL


Me, too, though I have to admit that I DID watch SOME of the Cowboys’ game yesterday. I admire Jerry Jones’ stance on his players’ behavior during the National Anthem. EVERY owner should do the same thing.


Even if I were an NFL fan, I would have dumped them for trying to pressure states into allowing perverts into girls’ restrooms.


I bagged a half dozen doves on opening day. Used my Grandfather’s Belgian Browning Auto 5.

Wasn’t bad, considering we had almost a dozen people out and I’m the only one who downed any.


Don’t have any place to hunt, or I’d be out shooting, too. Then again, if it were legal, I could probably get a bag limit every day in my own back yard!


Well, Saturday is a closed matter anyway…Senatorial Permission (see under “wife wants out of house”)
allows me a day for fishing, which I do year round. Sunday is church, so no time for deviant sportspersons, which is good at my advanced age.
I cannot see Pete Rozelle allowing this &$% to go on, or Coach Ditka or Shula for that matter. Tom Landry or Joe Gibbs would have packed em out on a bus.
The Senator


Isn’t it time to call ‘professional’ sports for what it is, a timewaster, of massively overpaid oversized children, who play a game that has no sense of contribution to society as a whole, and at that point decide that they must bite the hand that feeds them? Time to shut the professional sports world down and give it back to the real children in the playgrounds.


I would add old man Art Rooney (the cigar chomping patriarch, not the wimp ex-ambassador son) and Chuck Knoll.


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Even if I did watch football, I wouldn’t be watching this season or until the NFL came down on these clownish protests.


I wouldn’t watch until the NFL loses its boycott activism to try to force states to let perverts into girls’ restrooms.


The NFL is a business and as such, it can set rules for behavior. I don’t see any problem with that and if the NFL (or team owners) setting standards of behavior and declaring that players making political (or in some cases religious) stances were inappropriate, they should have the right to make and enforce that rule.

Having said that, the NFL is a business and it can choose to allow players to express their convictions. I suspect the reason the NFL isn’t enforcing the rule is that they feel that it will cost them more to enforce a rule then it will cost them if they don’t.

So I’m curious, are some of you upset that the NFL allows it, or that players, like Kaepernick, are showing their displeasure during the anthem?

What is it that offends you?


I don’t care what the NFL does. I DO care what NFL team owners allow this disrespectful behavior among their employees. I like Jerry Jones’ policy. “If any Cowboy players do this, they will no longer be members of this team…period.” In an “industry” in which 70% of the employees are black and are paid ridiculously high “wages,” doing this crap SHOULD be grounds for immediate dismissal. It’s not like any, single player is indispensable.


I respect that you care about the behavior of players and that in your opinion that players are being disrespectful (I assume you believe that their disrespect isn’t justified, where I believe they would disagree), and given that most owners aren’t following Jerry’s lead you have the right to vote with your participation as a fan by not watching or supporting the league in any way if you so choose. That is, of course, your right and you’re free to do so (something I’m sure I didn’t need to remind you).

Having said that, I conceeded that football is a business and that owners and the league have every right to prohibit the behavior of its players if it so chooses and because the players are doing it as employees, the can be reprimanded or dismissed for doing it while they are being paid.

The question I’d ask you is, do you believe that there is something else that should be done beyond the owners and the league?

Frankly, I agree that their actions are disrespectful, but I also believe that political dissent is a freedom that our military fight for just as much as they fight for the freedom to do anything else (again, with the caveat above) Standing during the anthem isn’t sacred. It’s a song that people sing to exercise their feelings. We don’t live a in a dictatorship where paying homage to the state is compulsory.

Now, I apologize in advance if you think I projected any of that on you, some of that on you, some of that I was just speaking in general.


No one that I know wants to keep these players from expressing their opinions in general. I certainly don’t want to do that…BUT (and that’s a BIG “but”)…there is a time and a place for doing so–and showing that sort of disrespect to the country, the flag and, most of all, the VAST majority of the country, is NOT the proper way to “protest.” Do it on your OWN time…not on ours, and it IS “our time” since WE are the people who are paying for their salaries…NOT the owners. We pay for them with our purchase of tickets, buying the products of their radio and TV sponsors and, in the case of members of the military, sometimes with our very lives.


Not that I disagree with you, I’d just say that when people show their discontent and stop watching, buying tickets and merchandise because of the actions of its players, we both know that the NFL and owners will follow Jerry’s lead, but until then it won’t change and it seems, to me at least, that the majority of football fans support, don’t care or are indifferent to the actions that players are taking.

As I said, independent of how I feel about the issues the players are addressing with their protests, I would tend to agree with you, I don’t think work is the place to express those feelings. I mean, I can’t imagine my employer permitting me to stage a political protest while I’m working, but no one pays to watch me work so if my boss told me not to, no one would care, but I hate the thought that political protests are work become socially acceptable.

The problem and I say this as a person who is far left of most of the people here, this is the result of a culture shift, the “pendulum” swinging in the other direction against people like Sherrif Joe and the recent fallout of places like Charlottesville.


It was a different time back then. The league and coaches actually had disciplinarian authority. Did you see Adrian Peterson’s reaction the other week to Sean Peyton? If a player did that in the golden era they would have been gone. Landry would have cut the guy immediately or the next day. Ditka would have lost it. Lombardi would have gone up one side and down the other. Cowher probably would have grabbed a facemask.


In the early 90s I was an MP at Fort Riley and one day I had to check hunting licenses at the weighing station. I remember how the feeling of fall was in the air, the football season had started, it was a Sunday and I couldn’t wait to get off work to watch the rest of the games on t.v. I couldn’t understand how people were so excited about deer season and not football as I checked the licenses. It’s funny looking back, because today I do not care at all about the NFL. What clinched it was I at least had the peace of mind knowing the Packers were not into this stuff until I saw Martellius Bennett doing a Black Panther salute during the National Anthem. Other Packer players said later they support their teammate. I have not watched a game this season and do not plan on wasting my time.


Or spit . . .


Having lived thru this going back to the 60’s I concede your right to protest and generally have little issue with it…that said it needs to be legit. Vietnam war, legit, social injustice? WTH IS THIS? To make this stupid we have blacks protesting our country as the knock down millions playing with a ball working a few days out of a year in sports totally dominated by blacks.

What ZACTLY have you done for this country you disrespect and hate so much?

What IS social injustice? Congress made YOU Protected Class of people with rights and privileges the majority do not have.

Fact is you have nothing too protest.

But your actions while co-opting the NFL to support you is wrong! To make it worse and final insult to every man and woman who ever wore a uniform for their country.

You like those who ran to Canada are a COWARD, so is the NFL and along with you and your ilk.

I have no respect for and am finished with you and the NFL, etc, etc!!