For a long-lasting meal that's easy.....

In a large roaster or roasting pan, brown 2 lbs of stewmeat in olive oil. Add water - about 5 cups–and four beef bullion cubes, chop a head of cabbage and cook on medium heat until the cabbage starts to “reduce.” Add one chopped bell pepper, seven spears of chopped celery, a pound of peeled, coarse chopped carrots (I use the packaged “baby” carrots with each just cut in half), 2 pounds of potatoes, peeled and cut into 1" cubes, cover and cook until carrots are tender. Add one medium, chopped onion, one large can of petite-diced tomatoes and one large can of tomato sauce, sea salt and coarse-ground pepper to taste and one can (drained) each of whole kernel corn, green peas and cut green beans. Cook covered until all the veggies are tender and serve with buttered bread! It lasts us for about 5 days and is great re-heated in a microwave oven (covered).

Leave out the cabbage - I hate the stuff - except raw, or sauer kraut.

You’d never know there was cabbage in it, though because it just disappears and leaves a faint flavor to the stew.