For all my friends from human Events

This site takes some practice :banghead:

The private message feature is fantastic. Top right of the page.

The FAQ helps a lot.

As you learn new tricks, please instruct me. :yeahthat:

Check your e-mail a lot. messages from here also go there.


Hi Levi, good to see you here. I posted as ‘IS’ on the HE sites.


I am post in H.E at the moment.

Just saw your message.

I like it here. Quite different, but I am learning.

Got confused a couple of time.

Did not realize all things posted as new thread actually create a new thread, LOL

At H.E as you well know. A post IS a post and nothing but a post.

Good to see you

:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

What made you all look for a new place? Isn’t Human Events a conservative site, too?

Don’t get me wrong, glad to have you all here.

Senior Operative

We have all been battling the trolls daily for well over a year. At H.E on the Ann Coulter thread the troll activity is. well allow me to say atrocious.

We have not abandoned ANN

Just looking for a peaceful place for some rest and relaxation.

I have invited all member over there to check you out. H.E has many folks.

I as most of my friends that have joined your site post there daily.

There are no moderators and all systems are go. It can wear you out.

Only rule is no profanity. The attacks are vicious to say the least.

Liberals hatred toward Ann Coulter and her fans at times is unbelievable LOL



Forgot to mention.

Here when I make a post you know it is me. Levi

H.E is a no sign in site. ID’s are whatever you feel like at the moment.

Therefore a troll can make a really nasty post under my ID Levi.

Us regulars spot these post, because we know each others style.

But the Newbies fire back at you with both barrels for something you did not say. LOL

Makes for interesting although frustrating debate LOL

I am embarking on a new mission.

Two those I have known here and H.E.

Thanks for the good Conversations.

May you all lead long, healthy and prosperous lives.

Till we meet again I say: Happy trails to you