For the Record...Final Polls


For the record…here are the last polls from all the big pollsters for the 2012 presidential election. Should be interesting to see who got it rightest after the fact…

Rasmussen Romney +1
Gallup Romney +1
Politico GWU TIE
IBD/Tipp Obama +1
ABC/WashPost Obama +3
Monmouth/SurveyUSA TIE
Pew Obama +3
NBC/WSJ Obama +1
FoxNews TIE

So…there is a maximum of a 4 point spread between all the polls.
This will be good for the post election discussion as well as future debates about who is accurate. If you have another poll to add…please do!


ABC/WaPo, Pew, and IBD/TIPP all have Obama at 50%


Right you are…thanks…will fix above.


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