For Their Next Act


For their next act congressional Republicans will take up Tax reduction - not real tax reform, just selected tax reduction. Real tax reform, you see, is simply too difficult for these members of the “smart set” to cope with.

And how will it play out? Well, Republicans will argue and split over EVERYTHING. The real fight will be over revenue neutrality and the border tax. There is no telling what they will end up with - if anything.

Republicans have now failed on repeal/replace, a centerpiece of their promises to Americans. Republicans are failing the American people.

Democrats don’t deserve my support and few Republicans deserve my support at this point. Staying home in November 2018 is rapidly becoming a viable reaction to the epic failure these lying, useless fools have perpetrated. Our political class is good at one thing only - getting elected.


I wonder if this West Virginia Senator who voted for repeal in 2015 but refuses to now would like The Trump Clan stumping for her primary opponent in 2020? He won the state with 68%. As you say Mike, re-election is their highest priority. Not sure of her motivation but I would do some serious investigation of her finances.


While Republicans talk tax reduction, the Left will hammer them with the tired refrain of “tax breaks for the rich”. Of course, media outlets will join the Dems in their clarion call and the street anarchists will carry out demonstrations (riots) in support of Democrats. Real debate will be hard to come by. Trump will continue tweeting crap and should Putin and Trump fart while being in the same room it will be called collaboration/collusion and a topic calling for investigation.

With a real Republican majority in the Senate of only 52 (less RINOs), the weak leadership of McConnell and Ryan and the level of dissention evident among Republicans, meaningful tax cuts might be hard to come by. Trump will need to stump on tax cuts, taking the case for cuts directly and in person to the American people in a way he failed to do on repeal/replace. Cuts will need to be passed in Congress and the bill signed by Trump before Thanksgiving for the cuts to be retroactive to Jan 1st of 2017 and the effects felt before the mid-term elections in November 2018.

Can Republicans deliver on meaningful tax cuts? I’m not holding my breath.

My suggestion: “Primary” as many RINOs as you can in 2018. If Trump won’t drain the swamp, we had damn sure better make an effort to do so.

That said, I don’t believe a damn thing any of our leaders say. They are all full of crap. Congress will continue to go out on “recess”, Trump will remain politically inept and Democrats are nuts. Considering the domestic and foreign backdrop against which the current melodrama is playing out, we are in deep Shiite.

One final shot: Repubs claim a need to continually recess so they might go back home in order to meet with their constituents and receive “feedback”. They don’t understand how pissed their voters are? How freakin’ stupid and out of touch can these fools be?


The effects of retroactive tax cuts have already been felt in thousands of points in the Dow. Failure to fullfil this promise will reap the whirlwind in plenty of time for the election. I find it very difficult to believe that the average IQ of members of Congress is of the same order of magnitude as a box of rocks. I believe that many of them truly want Trump to fail. Somehow they don’t realize that they will be the ones going down in flames.



The equity market is NOT the economy, per se.

We have near flat wages and a GDP hovering around 1.5%. More growth/business investment is necessary in order to get the nation moving economically. High business taxes and capital gains taxes serves to put brakes on growing the economy to a healthy level. We can and must do better.


Tell that to tens of millions the day after their 401 or IRA loses 25% of its value.


True, OD. Do you remember all the people dying in the streets from lack of health care prior to Obamacare? Me neither. If the GOP fails to repeal this abomination, they will find themselves no longer in the majority after next year’s mid-terms, and they’ll have no one to blame but themselves. That MAY be what they’re shooting for, after all. What better way to stall Trump’s agenda than put the dim-wit Democrats in charge of Congress?


There is no doubt Trump has enemies within the GOP. There is also no doubt that those Americans invested in the equity markets have seen a terrific run up in the value of their investments.

That said, it is a mistake to measure the health of our economy simply utilizing the run up in stock prices as a gauge. Again, the wages of American workers remains flat, job growth is not where it should be and the middle class remains under pressure economically. There has been a significant improvement under Trump, but there continues to be major roadblocks in the way of the economy becoming as robust as it is capable of being. To his credit, Trump is attempting to address these roadblocks, but he must have the cooperation of Congress. It remains to be seen if the RINOs will stand up to the Left’s barrage of “tax cuts for the rich” as delivered by their handmaidens - media.


There have been about 900,000 new jobs created in the last 6 months and, unlike under Obama, they are mostly NOT “government jobs” or minimum-wage, make-work jobs.


Most economist will tell you that in a robust recovery/economy, the addition of about 250,000 jobs per month is required and a GDP growth rate of 3%+. I would point out that, while Trump is trying hard and doing all he can by himself and without the help of Congress, we have a long way to go before we can thump our chests and claim we have the robust economy we should/must have to significantly improve the lot of the average American taxpayer - IMHO.