For those who don’t like Trump’s tariff policies …


Again, don’t see you calling out the Heritage Foundation for compiling it.

All I’m seeing is obfuscation.


The Heritage Foundation is loaded down with NeverTrumpers who have been proven consistently wrong in most of their major economic predictions - including their recent menstruations over tariffs.

And they’re also big NAFTA fans

Just a fun FYI - they’re basically the architects of Obamacare.


Please. And you’re sidestepping the question

Is their index wrong or not? What reason would they have to mis-compile it?

They’ve been keeping it long before Trump ever entered the picture, and they’re on the same side as him when it comes to immigration (have been since 2006).

So trying to chock it up to Trump antagonism, doesn’t add up.


Disagreeing with Trump didn’t make them wrong. They were already wrong, and so they would naturally disagree with Trump. They’ve been consistent on these issues.


Again, what reason would they have to mis-compile it? What criteria are they misjudging on? I’m not sensing a very deep argument here, this seems more like posturing.


That’s a long wait; at 2^256 combinations, cracking the hash would take until the heat death of the universe.

Even if quantum computing somehow changes the game, we would just expect cryptocurrencies & blockchain to up the ante with quantum cryptography.


From your quoted article:

Unlike in encryption, here, there is actually no correlation between the source data and the resulting hash. The only way the hash can be reversed is by counting all the possibilities that the hash can produce. Which means, you need to find every combination of numbers that a 256 bit address space can produce.

This statement is false. It assumes that a “brute force” attack is the end of the story. There are many tricks and tools of attack used against SHA-256 (and prior simpler hashes) that can reduce the complexity. And, presumably, more powerful tools yet undiscovered. Many less sophisticated hashes have been completely broken in the past and tens of thousands of very clever people continue to work on this nonstop.

Don’t get me wrong, SHA-256 is a very good hash but the notion of putting the economic system of the world on its presumed security for the indefinite future is absurd.

With present techniques, a quantum computer LARGE ENOUGH to break SHA-256 is very far away. One that will break the public key exchanges on which modern E-commerce is based is a much bigger threat. The chaos of the sudden death of E-commerce is almost unimaginable. Crypto techniques which are immune to quantum cryptanalysis are currently being developed, studied and sometimes broken.

Who knows, the NSA may have already developed a large, practical quantum computer and if they have, it ain’t getting leaked to the NYT anytime soon.

All I’m really saying is that the world is full of surprises, the key is not being surprised.