For those who might be wondering what my avatar is …

My avatar is a political piece from the 1864 presidential election. It is called a ferrotype. The images of Lincoln and his running mate, Andrew Johnson, on the reverse were printed on thin sheets of iron which these pieces their makes. Multiple images were reproduced on a single sheet, cut into individual pictures and then mounted on brass frames.

The first ferrotypes appeared in 1856, but those pieces are so rare that barely any collectors have one. I have only seen one picture of a piece that was for Millard Filmore who ran for the American or “Know Nothing” Party that year. They really came into their own for the 1860 election. Here is an 1860 Stephen Douglas ferrotype


And here is an 1860 Lincoln ferrortype. You will notice that Lincoln did not have his trademark beard. The photo was cropped from the Mathew Brady picture taken of Lincoln when he made is speech to the Cooper Union in February 1860.


I like mine better. Just for the simple fact that it tends to make socialists cry.

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If you would rather have something from Jefferson Davis …

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This is really an “odd couple” pairing. Jefferson Davis and Beauregard didn’t like each other and were close to becoming political rivals. Early in the Confederacy, there were tentative plans to have a presidential election in the fall of 1862. Beauregard planned to run for president at that time. Obviously that election never happened.

Cool. Thanks for sharing it.

My avatar, is a set of wingnuts…

Jefferson Davis _might be_the only historical figure I can claim as a ancestor. My grandmother had a cousin whom she used to visit in a neighboring town, Berdella Davis, who claimed she was related to him. It could not have been a direct relation because none of Davis’ five or six kids had offspring. One of Davis’ children died when he fell off an elevated platform that was in front of the backdoor of the Confederate White House.