For Us Old Farts .. There Is A Silver Lining

Number 9. You can live without sex but not your glasses.
Heck you need your glasses to find sex. (wink).

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Number 4 doesn’t work; it’s a robocall responding with information that you requested (not) about a back brace…

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I get that same call A LOT! If we didn’t count Robocall & people wanting money our phone usage would drop 20% if not more per month.
Oh & don’t forget Microsoft calling because your computer sent them an error message. I’m real tired of that one too.

The ones that really steam me up are the robocalls from the “IRS” saying we’re being sued…

Those and the robocalls that pretend to be live bodies…

I was going to mention Arthur Seale, but it turns out he was just 57 when he was kidnapped. Never Mind. BP

I have a program that blocks robocalls which I use and I seldom pick up on calls with no names. I still have to watch because some family also block their names when they call. Take my word for it I get tons of calls daily which are nothing but sales pitches as even those scam calls. Why the IRS is coming to arrest me apparently they have not found my house for several months now. I get calls to join online townhalls.

I have a friend who gets calls from “microsoft” telling her that her computer is infected. She tells them she does not have a computer and the person on the phone has even called her a liar.

I used to tell them that I had a Mac, not a PC. Now I ask them to send me an email proving that my computer sent them something (they would have my email address if it had).

I use this “nomorobo” in conjunction with my phone company. The phone rings once then hangs up. :grin:

That is the program I have. It works well.

We can’t ignore on basis of name - we don’t have caller ID, and with as few calls as we make and get (legitimate ones), it doesn’t pay to add special programs.
Old Tex, if we didn’t have spam, scam, and robo calls, ours would probably drop 90%.