Foreign Policy Debate:


**Shepard Smith Schools Obama Surrogate: **

Team Romney looks way more prepared this time around and if you want to see a sneak peek about what both sides are planning to talk about just watch any news channel right now. I preferred Fox News. So Shep Smith was just on speaking to both sides up first: General Wesley Clark. He was talking about how the Obama admin will highlight Iraq and Afghanistan. Shep kept on asking specific questions about Libya. This was like a preview of the debate. Shep was asking about Susan Rice and the video and libya and how the administration refuses to acknowledge terrorism. Even on the broadcast the General called it an “incident,” and an “episode.” **Shep kept on shaking his head and saying you know Romney isn’t going to let you guys get away with not answering these questions. **His only response was, that Americans should focus on the whole four years and anybody who changed their minds about Obama based on this one “incident” is an idiot. (He didn’t say idiot, but he wanted to!)
Romney Team Looks More Prepared.

Up next was a Lt. General? I think. Not too sure who she was. But she was talking about how Romney will use Iraq and Afghanistan AGAINST Obama. Telling Americans that the Middle East is more dangerous than it was four years ago, and that everything Obama has done in the Middle East was for political reasons and what he has been doing makes no sense militarily. She then talked about how she didn’t agree that Obama’s foreign policy has been a success and how Romney will focus on Libya and ask all the questions Shep mentioned before!

I’ll try to post the video as soon as it’s up!

Conclusion: Romney will win this debate!


Depends on if it is ran half way honest.


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Pundit reaction from the debate:

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Mitt showed class.


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