Former Chief of Staff of Trump's DHS is AGAINST TRUMP

RET did say there were more credible people from Trump’s own administration that are coming out against him.

Former Chief of Staff of Trump’s DHS, an appointee, is voting for Biden.

The stories he tells are … wow.

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So what?

I know what the Democrats have planned, and it’s not pretty.

When you vote for Biden, you are voting for Harris to be President because Biden is not going to last long. If Harris, AOC, Sanders, Pelosi and Schumer are who you want to run the country, have at it.


I just listened to this crap. This is a little squirt with a college student mentality, a big mouth and an agenda. If what he says is true, we would be in hell right now. We aren’t. He’s a paid stooge.

I’ll bet this little snake was one of those moles who was running to the press all the time with salacious leaked information. Just the kind of fellow you would never want on your management team because he’d stab you in the back for the right price.

The truth about the California wild fires is that the state refuses to practice proper timber management. You have to harvest the mature trees and clean out the underbrush or nature will do it for you with wild fires. The hippie tree huggers out there refuse to do that, and you see the results.


I mean, that all sounds pretty par for the course to me

Then I’m more certain than ever that you’re an idiot!




This guy is a nutbird of the highest order. He is so squirrely it’s off the charts.

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No, he’s just a programmed college student who has trained like a Pavlov dog. I had some of the same trappings when I was his age although I wanted nothing to do communism and socialism.

Back then, you could be “a liberal” although the hard core left sneered at you for “your inability to see the revolutionary light.” The worse of them became the Weatherman faction which committed acts of bombing and arson. They were the Antifa of their time.


No, I said there were NO credible people coming out against him; just people who were fired and those indicted for criminal behavior :+1:

I guess Trump is so incompetent he can’t hire the right person the first, second or third time. But he hires the best people, right?

I agree with RET, though. He is completely correct. No credible people who were former Trump employees have come out against him. The fact that no credible employees have come out for him (cough Omarosa cough) should mean nothing as well.

Or maybe you need to face the face that too many people in the Federal Government have an “us versus them” attitude toward the American people. Too many of them think that they are entitled and that they are above scrutiny and the law.

The FBI is supposed to be the nation’s chief law enforcement body and yet high officials in it were so guilty of wrongdoing that no one could save them for dismissal. The FBI has had the Hunter Biden laptop for over nine months, and yet they did nothing with it. Shouldn’t the American people know if Joe Biden was doing illegal things with his son BEFORE the primaries and the election?

If you don’t think so, then you are putting you political party and the people in it ahead of your country. These are issues that should concern all Americans.

Isn’t it more likely that they’ve looked into it and nothing substantiative connects Joe to it than there’s a vast conspiracy conspiracy in the FBI to protect Joe and it’s all just happening to come out detail by detail in the last 2 weeks before an election?

Or what if the investigation isn’t complete? Wouldn’t it be best for them to remain apolitical by not announcing anything until they’re making charges? They largely sunk Hillary by announcing the investigation within 2 weeks of the election in 2016, perhaps they’re learning from past mistakes.

Play games son. You are a student robot.

I’ve got issues with Trump. He had a phony university, and he had a troubled foundation. I wish that he could be a bit less agrresive at times. But I am a capitalist who believes in economic freedom. I am not taking a pay check from the Republican Party. I have some independence. I don’t have to mouth the party line, nor do I want to do that.

Hillary Clinton had her crooked foundation. Biden needs to show that his actions were legitimate and that he was no connected to what Hunter was up to. You will never examine **any issue that looks bad for your party. NEVER! ** You act like a person who is getting a pay check from the Democrat Party, or a Nazi or Communist Party member who must tow the line.

If you want a historical example of slavish support for a political party, look at the history of the American Communist Party before World War II. At first Stalin was anti-Nazi. All Communists were supposed to be totally anti-Hitler and anti-Nazi. Then he signed the non-aggression pact with Hitler, and they didn’t know what do. They were in limbo until Hitler broke the pact and attacked Russia. Are you like those Communists who have to be led by the nose? It sure looks like it.

Get some independence, some spine and some values.

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Ah, my favorite American principle, guilty until proven innocent. Mccarthy would be proud.

The trouble is you have no interest in the issue. Like I said, you are a robot.

When you are running for Pesident, the standards are higher than ducking responsibility for wrong doing.

As for “McCarthy,” we need go no further than the 2020 version of Joe McCarthy, Adam Schiff.

Adam Schiff isn’t fit to polish Joe McCarthy’s shoes. McCarthy was RIGHT about virtually everything he said. Schiff hasn’t been right about ANYTHING he’s claimed.

Hahahaha hot take, “mccarthy was right”

I am not going to get into a long term pissing contest about Joe McCarty. Yes, he was right about the fact that there traitors in the U.S. government. Where he went wrong was when he took the scatter gun approach without doing the necessary research, which diverted attention from the true wrongdoing.

If he really had a list of “206 Communists” he should have found more. When he attacked General George Marshal, he was off the rails.

You can screw up your cause when you make baseless charges. That is why Adam Schiff should have been discredited and censored months ago. Political Correctness and the main stream news media has kept his lying mouth from gulping water.

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When you have read some books and learned some history, instead of the fiction you have been taught, you will be qualified to make worthwhile comments. There were, and always have been traitors in government. Keeping them in check has always been the challenge.

College is only the beginning. You keep going after that. Unfortunately your been programmed not educated.