Former Chief of Staff of Trump's DHS is AGAINST TRUMP

Actually the Verona papers revealed after the fall of the USSR proved that the Soviets HAD managed to infiltrate heavily both the Department of Defense and Department of State. Looks today like they’ve also penetrated the Justice Department at all levels PLUS the Department of Interior, etc. McCarthy didn’t “go after” General Marshall for being a Soviet spy or sympathizer. He went after him for turning a blind eye towards what the Soviets were doing, apparently believing that we could control that situation without it becoming public…IMPOSSIBLE. According to the Verona files, McCarthy didn’t accuse a single person of being a communist or communist enabler who wasn’t precisely that.

Except that the FBI has had the evidence since December and kept it hidden until the backup copy of the hard drive was released, they have offered several excuses for that cover up but heads will roll over that.

If that computer tech had not made a backup your criminal Party would have gotten away with all of it thanks to a corrupt FBI; you support criminals and you know it :rofl:

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That is a Democrat Party “principle” as evidenced by your lies about Giuliani being a pedophile and everything you guys have accused Trump of for 4 years; what makes you so insane that you murder innocent people and burn cities to the ground is that we actually have evidence of your crimes :rofl:


I wish heads would roll for the politicalization of the FBI. It poses a huge threat to our democracy, but sadly, they won’t. The Socialist Democrats control the Federal Bureaucracy. Even when they are voted out of office, they are still in control because the bureaucracy won’t do what it is instructed to do and leaks false information to the main stream press to stir up fake controversies.

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I’ll own up to the Giuliani thing, it got misrepresented to me. The “underage” part comes after everything had begun. So, it’s not fair to call him a pedophile, just gross.

I will give you credit for that, @Gene.

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But I WON’T. Gene is a complicit liar. Just like ALL of today’s Democrat supporters.

Thank you for your support!

Since it’s in the court of public opinion regarding whether or not the man should be trusted with being the foremost leader of the free world and NOT in a court of law whereby he might go to jail, “guilty until proven innocent” is legitimate and right. It’s about trust, not criminal conviction.

Having lived though the 1972 election, when the extent of the Watergate scandal was just coming to light, I can tell what a mess it was when a crooked president got into office and ripped the country apart during his efforts to remain in office. It might be different with Biden.

I think that health issues will force Biden out before his scandals do. Nancy Pelosi is already building the skids for him with her “25th amendment commission.” She figures the Democrats have got the election in bag and is planning to dispose of Biden not long after he takes the Oath of Office.

That’s an excellent point. However it does raise the question as to why you believe Trump is more trustworthy than Biden. Seriously, I can’t figure that bit out.

Also, calling the President of the United States of America “the leader of the free world” is pretty contentious nowadays, and the rest of the free world agrees with me.

Who does the rest of the free world look to for help when they’re in trouble? It isn’t China and it isn’t Russia and it CERTAINLY isn’t South Africa.

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The 1980’s was a looong time ago, mate. Decades even.

Trump ran on a list of promises in 2016 and he delivered on just about all of them. That’s one reason why his supporters are so passionate.

Biden? Look at his relationship with his family and especially his son Hunter. Hunter wrote an email to his sister where he complained about how he had earned some much money for the family and still got no respect. He made a comment about how daddy Joe demanded his cut from what he had earned during his adventures abroad. If this is not true then someone is lying. The email has all the ear marks of being genuine.

Don’t lecture me about how honest Joe Biden is. The lap top and the money that have flowed to Hunter tell us something very different.

If you are unhappy in the U.S., why don’t you move to China? It seems to be doing well. You seem to think that it’s the new center of power. It’s even beaten the virus that they gave to the world.

But before you go, I’d suggest that you look their human rights record. It’s not much different from Hitler’s policies.They have more racial problems that we do here. The trouble is most westerns don’t realize that there are ethic groups in China that are being treated poorly.

1 First of all, I never said that I did, and at this point, I still doubt that I’ll vote for him. That said, I would compare Trump’s record on Supreme Court Justice picks vs. Biden’s former boss, and thus, although I don’t trust Trump much, I don’t trust Biden at all.
2 First, I specified "foremost leader." That said, I don’t care how contentious it is; it’s truth. It probably won’t be for long, because the left is eroding the free world at a prodigious rate. For the rest of my response on this point, see below.

3 And 2020, which is right now, is still when most of the rest of the free world wants the financially successful U.S. to pay for their security, U.N. initiatives, etc. And when the free world has a war to fight, who is their big guns? Yup.

Actually, I’m still waiting for Mexico to pay for the wall and for Hillary to go to jail…

Let’s just say that I am not among your fans. You have too much power here. You are running a Republican site and yet you are acting like the Bushes.

As for paying for the wall, I never too that seriously. He’s gotten a lot of the wall built and he’s going after illegal immigration. That is huge. While you sit on your hands and do whatever with your vote, Biden will open borders and we will be flooded with illegals who will be getting free health care and free everything else. The crime rate will go through the roof. .

As for Hillary going to jail, it will never happen. She has too much money and too much influence. Look at Nixon. He never went to jail, but lots of people under him did including John Mitchel, the attorney general.

Forget about what happens to the big fish and jail time. Think about what’s going to happen to you under the Democrats.

I don’t know why you’re posting this in this particular thread, but let’s get this clear: I’m not the owner of this site. I didn’t write the rules. I’m ENFORCING them for the sake of CIVILITY. I’m not stopping anyone from saying what they want about the issues. The trash talk of other members has been a no-no for most of the history of this site. I don’t have any more power than what was granted to me. The whole idea of having liberty to insult whoever you want on a PRIVATELY PAID FOR website (and unlike FB and Twitter, RO isn’t remotely a monopoly; which means that if people don’t like the rules here, there are plenty of less civil sites (liberal and conservative) to go) is a wrong and frankly childish notion.

The late great Christian apologist Dr. Ravi Zacharias said: “Keep the equality of people, and the hierarchy of ideas.” A similar quote from another man was: “Be gentle with people, and ruthless with ideas.” No one was ever bludgeoned into changing their convictions.

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The point was that a couple of Trump’s significant campaign promises went unanswered. He intended for people to believe it (just like the stupid "lyin’ Ted Cruz line) until after the election.