Former Facebook staffers say conservative news is deliberately suppressed


Former Facebook staffers say conservative news is deliberately suppressed | Fox News

Facebook is being accused of fiddling with its formulas to suppress conservative news.

That’s what some unnamed former Facebook contractors told the tech site Gizmodo—and it’s an accusation that strikes at the heart of the social network’s credibility.


Credibility? They have none.

These (anti)Social Media sites are SEWERS. Overrun with trolls; filled with Groupthink led in some cases by either “activist” cyber-street agitators or by MoveOn paid trolls. In Twitter’s case, they have an algorithm that spoofs identities - what appears to be a viral wave is managed by six slack-jawed, sunken-chested liberal kids in their mothers’ basements. Or maybe twelve; but it’s not the tens of thousands that they seem to be. That Indiana pizza-joint fake incident proved that.

NOTHING on the Internet is real anymore. It’s too easy to spoof and skew and pretend something is “viral” - as if that by itself proves anything. Even Drudge is throwing away eighteen years of credibility in becoming a Trumpbot shill and huckster.

And following that, Fox is becoming Faux Nooze. Too easy, and the quick payoff too big. And we no longer put any value on honesty or integrity or principles.

The end result is, you can believe NOTHING - on Faceplant or anywhere in mediuh.


I was not aware that any “Social Network” had “Credibility” of any kind, that is like considering the comment section of a news article as part of the article.

Facebook is “Credible” only as a network that effectively allows individual people to interact with each other and find one another, their search engine works well and their software runs pretty much as it is designed to run.

Of course they have no credibility as a news aggregator, even Drudge struggles with credibility as a news aggregator and that is the most used site in the world with one single purpose.