Former President George H.W. Bush dead at 94 - ABC News


I didn’t care for the man so a link, along with my own comments is all I will post here.


He doubled the cap on legal immigration raising the total to over a million a year. We are living with that mistake today, a mistake that may lead to the eventual destruction of the country.

Bush failed to endorse Trump for President, along with the rest of his family. The Bushes were not loyal to the GOP and proved to be ungrateful for the support the GOP gave them. Teaming up with the Clintons was unforgivable.

George H.W. Bush Calls Trump a ‘Blowhard’

Both father and son had previously said they did not vote for Trump, with the elder Bush opting for Clinton and his son saying he chose “none of the above” on the ballot.


I didn’t like some critical elements of his politics, but my impression is that he was a good family man. That’s what we need more of more than anything from men.


His World War II record was very commendable. And despite that fact that he started life with some money, he was really a self made man. He earned his fortune.

I wrote an article about Bush 41 in connection with his presidential inaugural medal. I’ll post it here when I can get on a desk top computer.

As for immigration policies, legal immigration benefits the country. It’s the open border policy that is the major problem.

Finally the best I can say about the Bush family attitude toward Donald Trump is it’s unfortunate and very shortsighted. They come off as poor losers and very narrow minded.


A good guy, but a true RINO.


Legal immigration is destroying the country? Are you serious?

As to Bush; gave up on too many issues for my taste, but I’d echo he at least had honor in how he approached family.


Sometimes legal immigration is good and helps, but sometimes it is bad and doesnt help. Depends how its done.
Right now I would think it is in our best interest to shut down legal immigration as well. Assimilation doesnt really seem to be happening anymore so we need to protect our great western cultural heritage from being diluted.
If you have to have it for political reasons then keep it merit based. We need to steal everyone elses best and brightest.
But to be fair, legal immigration is a small issue compared to ilegal immigration. Lets fix that first, then we can deal with tweeking legal immmigration.


You can only judge that, if you’ve looked back, and asked how this worked in the past.

So I’m going to ask you, have you looked? Do you know what is or isn’t normal for assimilation?

Or are you making this claim in a vacuum?

This was the same argument posed by the no-nothings in the 1850s, and other nativist activists in the 1910s.

The immigration waves were just as big if not bigger then what we get today, when we were a smaller country.

They were in fact the largest migration of human beings ever on the planet until China’s internal migration in the 1980s.

It didn’t kill us or wipe out our culture. Something isn’t adding up.

We do not.

It’s desperation that sets off merit. That’s why immigrants disproportionally produce the entrepreneurial class, in every country, including ours.

Andrew Carnegie didn’t come from wealth or prestige. Nor did Sergey Brin. Nor did Do Won Chang.

It’s the hunger that produces that 1 in 100, if not 1 in 1000, that takes the risks to do things others don’t even see.

The “merit system” doesn’t model this part to the human experience. Or our own history for that matter.
It’s looking for personality traits signifying conscientiousness, but college degrees and wealth do not test for that. They are poor metrics.

Merit should assign itself; tasking a Government bureaucracy to find it is foolhardy.


AS continues to claim that today is somehow identical to US conditions 110 years ago. They AREN’T, and the sooner he acknowledges that, the sooner he’ll understand Hunter Tom’s and others here’s point. Until then, he’ll continue to live in the distant past.


True, they were worse.

We had less ability to assimilate, we had less ability to police disease or terrorism or organized crime.

There were lynchings in streets. There were bombs going off on wall street. There were mafiosos cutting up industries for themselves.

Immigrants were more likely to compete with natives for the same jobs than they are today.

Everything was worse. You can’t deny it Dave, no one who goes back and looks at the history can.


American culture is radically different now than in 1918.
Apparently you haven’t noticed.


Even you would acknowledge that migrants from south of the Border have more in common with the Italians than either of those two.

Equally, no one here can claim the Government is effective at social engineering.

They ****** up nutrition, they ****** up urban planning, they ******* up education. All of which have more of the blame for the ills of our current society.

I’d rather they not touch this.


It’s the government’s JOB to keep our borders intact and control who comes here and who doesn’t. Up until Teddy Kennedy ******it up, it worked pretty well, too.


It’s been dysfunctional since 1962-3, charts of illegal immigration growth show that.

Indeed, it’s something I never see you answer for; cause & effect. We changed the law, and only then got illegal immigration.

A stupid gun law that causes mass illegal gun ownership would be blamed for the result (see Massachusetts & New York). So why not a stupid immigration law?


When Bush 41 was running for president, the news media treated him like trash. I remember at the end of one of the debates in 1992, Bush looked at his watch, and the liberal talking heads were all over him for reasons I have yet to understand. They manufactured a recession to make Clinton look more attractive. And there is that business after the 1980 election about how Bush 41 made a deal with the Iranians for the release of the hostages and sold out the U.S.

Now that he’s dead, he’s rated as a “wonderful president” who “brought us together.” It’s all hogwash and lies. Like it was for the Native Americans, so far as the news media is concerned, “The only good Republican is a dead Republican.”