Former US Attorney, Senate Judiciary Committee Member and Co-FISA Law Writer

I know that a lot of folks have seen, (or heard) the ‘spin’ that the media is putting on the “small alterations” by the “low level agent” to the FISA warrants and I wonder … How many watched the Sean Hannity Show yesterday (which was mercifully hosted by Jason Chaffetz)?

This four minute+ segment from the hour long episode explains it the best.

This person helped in the creation of the FISA Laws so who are you going to believe … him or the MSM?

Former US Attorney and past member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Tolman who also helped write the FISA laws explains why the claim that the ‘small’ FISA alterations were really a Big deal as opposed to the spin that the media is pushing!
(Media: Small changes, doesn’t mean anything, not a Big deal)

Gah. I’d love to see what’s what here, but not happening as a dial-up cripple.