Former US President Barack Obama to Meet President Xi Jinping (Logan Act?)


With all the talk about Trump and the Logan Act, I figured this would be a pretty good way to end such nonsense!
(Or … Maybe Not):upside_down_face:


Then there is this …


I guess there’s “some” hope he’ll be more welcomed than Carter; who Xi has blatantly ignored:


Xi is no fool. He will think long and hard before meeting face to face with Obama. My bet is that the “important government business” excuse gets used and some Cabinet Minister will meet with The Anointed One. We’ll see soon enough.


Oops, looks like the meeting has already taken place. So much for my reading tea leaves.


Jeff Sessions should do a lot of things but invoking the Logan Act against ANYONE, especially Obama would be suicidal for the administration. I don’t think Jeff is that stupid.

I just thought of another devious oriental strategy:

  1. Meet with Obama.

  2. In a day or two after he leaves China, announce a serious crackdown on North Korea.

Xi then gets to throw Rocket Man under the bus without greatly increasing the stature and power of President Trump.