Forum offer

I have made an offer to buy this forum from the owner, who has not replied after 3 1/2 days.

The ball is in his court, awaiting his reply.


Been 6 1/2 days later, no reply…

7 full days, no reply.


11 days no reply from your forum owner.

This means there are three days left, if the absentee owner doesn’t reply within that time frame, you are out of luck and this forum will die out.

The man still hasn’t visited here yet this year!

It has been 14 days, no replies to my offer, no reply to the server host either. Didn’t respond to Domain Agents e-mails as well.

This is RO-Admin hard at work for you:

Joined Aug 24, '17

Last Post Jul 7, '18

Seen Nov 10, '19

I think he is dead.

This forum is doomed.



I am trying one more time to buy this forum, made another offer today.

Hopefully he will reply this time.

4 days into the new forum buying offer, no response.

9 days into the new forum buying offer, no response.

5 days left…

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass

Ha ha…

Your inner ugliness is out in the open, you are not a worthy member in this forum.

You asked me to consider you as a Moderator when I gain ownership…, a few days ago…, now you make it clear you hate me, despite that I am a conservative independent and join mainly conservative based forums.

You make it clear you would be a terrible moderator…, not going to make that mistake with you.

This forum IS doomed if the owner is no longer with us, the owner is not acknowledging the Servers and Domain agents e-mails for a response.

This means there is no one protecting the Forum database and updating to a newer version. That can also increase the server host security susceptibility to hackers.

Tomorrow will ask the Sever host to call the owner of the forum to see if he is still with us, if not replied, will request they shift the account to me.

I rescind that request. You’re like a John Kasich, an enemy-ass-kissing wussy. I hope the owner never gets back to you.