Four Star General Michael Hayden, former CIA Director, AGAINST TRUMP

From another era it feels like, but a widely respected four star general voices his concern about another term for Trump - Michael Hayden supports Biden instead.

Many more where this came from.

Great! Another general going political. Have you ever heard of a military coup? It sounds like you would like to have one.

And BTW, have you read Ayn Rand, or are you just dropping names to look like an intellectual? She’s not one of your movement, you know. You should have thought up a phrase connected with Lillian Hellman. She’s more your speed.

Have you read Ayn Rand, or are you just dropping names to look like an intellectual?
Have you read Lillian Hellman, or are you just dropping names to look like a communist sympathizer?

I have read “The Fountain Head“ and “We the Living” by Ayn Rand. I read “Pentimento” by Hellman some years ago. Rand’s books are inspiring. I admired Hellman’s clipped and clear style of writing although I could not agree with her politics.

President Trump doesn’t care about the truth.

And that’s the word from a former deep deep state spymaster. I wonder what he means by “the truth”.

Especially her indictment of religion…Amirite?

To whom were you addressing your post?

Trump will go down in history as the most effective foreign policy President in United States history, and that is saying quite a bit when you consider what Bush 41 pulled off.

The day a General (or anybody else) lays out a coherent argument to the contrary I will certainly listen to it but not one has done that yet

Oh oh, I got one! Remember that time he had a secret plan to beat isis, and then it turned out the plan was tell the generals to come up with a plan?

I’m gonna go ahead and say he’s been pretty terrible at stopping nuclear proliferation in Iran and to a lesser extent, North Korea. Who could have predicted removing any incentives to not develop nuclear weapons would result in Iran working harder on nuclear weapons?

Let’s also not forget actively alienating our european allies and cutting down their faith in us for… reasons?

Now what do you think he’s done well with foreign policy?

So you HAVE been asleep for several years now, huh? He’s responsible for brokering peace treaties between several Arab countries and Israel–something even Obama’s foreign affairs “expert” John Kerry said was IMPOSSIBLE to do unless the Palestinians approved. I must have missed the Palestinian’s approval of these deals, huh? Our “allies” are now footing their fair share of the bill for NATO which they all agreed to 60 years ago, but have avoided doing ever since, picking OUR pockets instead.

Iran was going to develop nuclear weapons just as quickly under Obama’s phony deal, only NOW we’ll be able to keep tabs on it. Lo and behold! We NOW know where their “secret” nuclear weapons development sites are located where under the Obama deal, we were prohibited from knowing (or inspecting) anything Iran was doing without Iran’s “permission.” Heard of any nuclear tests in NoKo lately?


What are you talking about with Iran? They were frequently inspected.

As for North Korea, yes, more than ever.

Who said anything about “missile tests?” I said NUCLEAR tests (deleted by FC)!

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Okay, enough of the freaking INSULTS. I know I’ve been out of it for several months and I know you’re not the only guilty one, but this is nonsense, and I’m sick of it (and I’m going to make a general announcement about it shortly). Make your points WITHOUT INSULTS!

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Even if he IS (deleted by FC)? Calling him (deleted by FC) isn’t an “insult”. It’s probably (deleted by FC).

Knock off the rationalizing crap, PD. I’ll delete entire posts if I must. And just for the record, Merriam-Webster doesn’t say anything about whether or not a claim has to be false in order to be an insult.

Does anyone have a list of appointees in Obama’s or Bush’s administration that resigned and spoke out in opposition of the POTUS?

Frankly, the way you are acting right now I wish you had stayed away. The heavy-handed stuff is the what Face Book and Twitter do.

The far left party works as a unit. There is no room for dissent there. If you play the game, you get rich and have a lot of power. That’s what big, uncontrolled government gives you.

How do people become multi-millionaires on $185,000 a year, which what you get paid in Congress? They don’t, unless they are on the take from outside sources.