Four Star General Michael Hayden, former CIA Director, AGAINST TRUMP

Okay, nice technicality. They’ve done 6 total nuclear tests since 2006. What do you think the payload is meant to be on these missiles they’re testing?

I see this election cycle being incredibly different on this point alone.

You seem obsessed with the idea that RINO Republicans have left the party. Most of these people left the party in 2016. The Bushes made a big deal about their votes for Hillary. Shame on them. They lack of loyalty to a party that helped them to Win three terms in the Whitehouse is appalling.

Their opinions don’t matter to me in the least because when you are voting for crooks like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, you are letting the country down.

“A public office is a public trust.” Those are the words of Grover Cleveland and honest Democrat president who ran against the Biden - Clinton of his day, James G. Blaine.” Blaine took money from the railroads. Blaine would have been elected if he had been an honest man. The press covered what he had done, and he lost.

Today the press won’t cover Democrat Party wrongdoing because they are totally in the tank for the Democrats. The modern American news media is the worst it has ever been. Journalism is dead.

“Loyalty to a party” is a flawed approach, avoid that trap!

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No, it’s a matter of integrity. If a group of people did a huge favor for you, you should show some gratitude. Given the fact that the Bush family jumped ship in 2016, they have no excuses. They never gave Trump a chance. They should have remained publicly neutral, and quietly voted Democrat if they felt that strongly.

I am very disappointed with the conduct of the Bush family, and I will Never give my support to this generation of them again.

Hogwash. The forum rules allow you to trash political views; not members. I’m just enforcing it.

Not necessarily. It’s healthy to know their motivations. I’ve been personally burned by people who manipulated me with “favors.”

Okay, then you and I shall agree to disagree. Your values are obviously different from mine.

And why have so many Trump appointees, from Mattis and Hayden to Scarramuci and Cohen, come out to attack the POTUS publicly with their disappointment and disgust - and yet we didn’t see such a reaction in any previous presidency?

Perhaps this time, this President is simply as flawed in character and morals as everyone is saying.

Trump is not the leader I had expected, and is certainly no role model for the next generation of leaders.

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Let’s turn this around. Tell us why we should vote for Biden other than he’s not Trump. I never hear that from most Biden supporters.

I’m not saying you should vote for Biden.
Write your own candidate in as you like.

But this time I won’t back a Trump presidency.

Many had expected he’d change for the better when he got into office. Many were wrong.

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Oh, so you voted FOR Trump in 2016 and are disappointed. A highly unlikely story.

So you don’t have a reason for voting for Biden. Good to know.

Can anyone give me a list of outspoken disgruntled Bush presidential appointees? Trump’s own people, rewarded for initial loyalty, have been turning against him at rates I can’t seem to find in any other recent presidency.

So now you are answering yourself? Who comes out against a guy who is paying you?

Usually people with moral compasses will eschew money for their soul.
I’d like to think that had I worked for Madoff I would have been a whistleblower. Are you suggesting that you prefer money over morals?

No, but I know that there are seminar callers and other operatives who go after conservative sites with phony information and graphs like we have seen here.

The plain truth is Trump had a superb economy going before the pandemic. Unemployment among African-Americans and Hispanics were at all time lows. You have to go back to 1969 to see something similar. Wages were also going up for the people at the bottom of the wage scale faster than they were for people at the higher levels. Even the “main stream news media” reported this quietly.

Then we got the virus from Communist China, and a world opened up for the far-left Democrats with their Trojan Horse, Biden, projecting a symbol of moderation, which is a joke. He was a very liberal Senator when he was in office from 1972 to 2008. He was not a socialist, like the heart of the soul of the Democrat Party is now, but he was no moderate.

Biden will not last four years in office. His health is too fragile, and he can’t stand up to the hard work. While do you think that Nancy Pelosi is talking about a "25th Amendment Commission and tells us, “It’s not for Trump?” She is greasing the skids to push him out. He could be a figurehead and do what he’s told to do for a while, but some problems are going to him or whoever is doing the job for him in the butt.

He will have to deal with charges of corruption with respect to his son, that the Democrats might use to easy him out.

You can’t raise taxes by $4 trillion dollars (out of class envy and meanness) in the middle of a recession and not expect big problems. You can’t regulate the economy to death the way Obama wanted to do. And you are going to have to deal with the anarchists in the streets. If you don’t, the major cities are going to go the way of Newark , New Jersey. A place that is almost unlivable. I was mugged there when I was in graduate school and know what it is.

Or perhaps he is the first President who did not bend to the deep state because he is keeping his promise to drain the swamp.

I have mountains of evidence to what kind of President Trump will be because he has been the President for 4 years, why would I or anyone else discount 4 years of evidence based on the disgruntled and non specific accusations of the people who couldn’t cut it in his administration?

It’s like saying “don’t believe what you see and know, trust us that he really sucks behind the scenes!”.

I don’t need anyone to interpret the obvious for me and I don’t want any President that would glean the praise of the deep state career slimeballs, in fact I would be far more concerned if these losers were on the Trump Train :rofl:

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