Fox Hires Joe Biden's Top Aide as Chief Lobbyist


Added another lefty!


It’s long been in the back of my mind that a good conservative source of news couldn’t last in today’s world; conservatism has too many enemies. And now it’s playing out.


Switch your news source to One America News Network (OAN) IF your provider has it (mine does. I use ATT’s Uverse). They seem to be what FoxNews USED to be.


Donna Brazil, a long-time DNC operative of considerable note, was recently hired by Fox News as a “Fox News Contributor” - which means she is on the payroll. As you might have already seen, she is now showing up routinely on various shows including Hannity’s and Laura Ingraham’s.

Recall, this is the same Donna Brazil who fed debate questions to Hillary Clinton prior to a network debate during Clinton’s bid to become POTUS. Brazil lacks integrity on any level.

Hiring a Dem as a person to provide an analytical debating counterpoint to Fox anchors and other contributors is one thing, but bringing on board one so lacking in fundamental integrity and character is both deplorable and inexcusable.

So, now Fox has the terminally stupid, Juan Williams, and the highly unethical Donna Brazil, who is bright, but is totally lacking integrity or character.

Whose next, Adam Schiff?