Fox host discusses testimony

The best part is at the end when Brett finishes his statements and the others on the show respond (1:42), well, sort of.

This is shuffling the old Chinaware out (Trump) to bring in the New Chinaware (DeSantis) they have to tear down the old to bring out the new. Its sad our side has to get its hands dirty doing their work.

Oddly enough, I’m hoping that the J6 Committee gets what they want and scuttles the 2024 Trump for President campaign. He’s too volatile and egotistical, and even more important, he’s too old. The time has come to turn the page on these old geezer politicians.

Youth doesn’t guarantee anything better. From a conservative standpoint, probably worse. Not that I want Trump back.

I am talking about Biden, Pelosi and Trump. They need to retire.