Fox Military Analyst quits network


This is the guy who referred to Obama as a “P*****” on air. Very hardline anti-Russia guy.

Without citing them by name, Colonel Peters, 65, wrote that Fox News’s prime-time anchors “dismiss facts and empirical reality to launch profoundly dishonest assaults on the F.B.I., the Justice Department, the courts, the intelligence community (in which I served) and, not least, a model public servant and genuine war hero such as Robert Mueller.”

“I cannot be part of the same organization, even at a remove,” he wrote.


Peters is a moron.


Peters is certainly no liberal. Trump is the leader of the GOP. I’ve never seen this kind of rhetoric from party members about their own President. It’s unreal.


Political unions tend to declare some set of virtues or aspirations, and survive to the extent that that set of virtues is workable and is accomplished. Trump is a serious wound to American politics and our idea of political and civic virtue. I’m not sure the United States can recover from it.

The UK survived as a sane and healthy political body by overthrowing the monarchy. I think the U.S. equivalent to this will be “overthrowing” the executive branch, by dramatically reducing its power and influence.


In my view, the model for this already exists in the Articles of Confederation.


I think we’ll survive, but the Republican party won’t. The damage it’s doing to itself, esp. among young people, is generational. It will likely splinter off into some neo-populist racist “John Birch Society” and the Nevertrumpers, who predicted this ongoing train wreck and wisely wanted nothing to do with it.

Any fool can see this is no way to run a country. And the Religious Right have embraced a man about as antiChristrian as you can get, without actually openly worshiping the Devil.


I don’t think it’s about actual survival, but rather moral survival. Historically speaking, a wound like this from a leader as morally depraved as Trump can wreck a country in an ethical sense, leading to evil empire status. After all, it’s not just the right that’s warped and twisted by Trump. The left has completely gone off the deep end. Campus leftists have thrown off all restraint and are moving toward full blown left-wing authoritarianism. There is a massive intellectual assault on liberal rights coming from the left now, in a bitter and terrified reaction against the very real evil of Trump.

The evidence suggests that Trump is a very deep thrust into the basic moral identity of the United States, and it seems clear that his amorality and hate is a threat to the ethical status of the left as much as the right.


UK is insane and unhealthy today. The Lauren Southern ban demonstrates clearly why.

J., it’ll be OK – at least OK as things have ever been.

Just gotta say:

The flipside of Trump Derangement Syndrome, whose strongest form argues that the president is an “extinction-level threat” to democracy itself, is Trump Exceptionalism Syndrome, which holds that Trump is the greatest leader since Winston Churchill, the biblical kings David and Cyrus, or whomever.

Recent events reveal something more mundane: Trump is all too much like the other recent inhabitants of the White House. We are neither living through the End Times nor at the start of New Dawn. Instead of entering some sort of political Singularity, we’re still stuck in the Regularity.

The Republican Party will survive. Team R has changed, but that won’t stop people from supporting a Team R that’s become even more self-contradictory than it used to be. The whole thing just shifts the relative frame of reference further left and more authoritarian.


I think there will be more Ralph Peters, not less. This is not a normal presidency. And the GOP has now lost two elections that shouldn’t even have been close. I think the midterms will be a bloodbath for Republicans, and if Trump makes it to 2020, I don’t see how he can win with a solid 55% of the country hating his guts. It’s one thing to be an “outsider”, and blow the system up, it’s quite different when you’re now the establishment candidate running for reelection. And his opponent won’t be Clinton.


Oh, BS, Malerin. Trump is certainly not “antichristian.” He may not live up to YOUR idea of what a Christian is, but that doesn’t mean he’s “anti.”


Nonsense! Trump is neither “amoral” nor hateful. President Trump doesn’t “hate” anything or anyone except anti-Americanism.


OK let’s get into specifics:

  • multiple affairs and divorces
  • worships money
  • covets everything, esp. other wives
  • pathological liar
  • bully
  • admits to never having asked God for forgiveness
  • Says he’s a Christian, but called Second Corinthians “2 Corinthians” (no Christian would make that mistake)

And on and on.


Ralph Peter’s letter is very worth reading. There’s this gem:

"As an intelligence professional, I can tell you that the Steele dossier rings true–that’s how the Russians do things… The result is that we have an American president who is terrified of his counterpart in Moscow."



The biggest problem is his racist terror campaign. Many conservatives seem to have very little real world experience discussing politics and American society with people of color, and so don’t seem to understand how traumatized people of color are by Trump. The constant racist dog whistles. The implied violence of Trump’s “law and order” rhetoric. It’s well known that the war on drugs is profoundly racist in its execution…so what do people of color hear when Trump starts demanding the death penalty for drug dealers? This implied racism is present in nearly everything Trump does policy wise. For the vast majority of people of color, the election of Trump is a massive betrayal…an act of political violence by white people directed at them.


Yeah, I have this discussion with my 78 year old dad all the time. He cannot understand why it’s a bad thing that the racist uncle at the Thanksgiving table is now President. Trump doesn’t even dog whistle much anymore. He’s just blatantly racist. If he gets caught saying n*****, I wouldn’t be surprised and I know his base would just give him a “mulligan”.

That’s why I think the GOP will cease to be a relevant political party after this. It will have lost young people, educated people, and minorities. It’s base of old white uneducated people are dying off. They had to scrape out an EC win after losing the popular vote by millions. That probably won’t work the next time. What will fill the vacuum will be unfettered liberalism, which has it’s own drawbacks, as you pointed out.


As we’ve seen generation after generation, young white leftists grow up and end up voting in their perceived economic self-interest, which tends to be voting conservatively. After all, at least in the short-term sense, it’s easy to see why white people believe that white supremacy is in their economic self-interest. The call for white people to vote against Trump—i.e. against white supremacy—is a call for them to put morality above self-interest. That’s a tough sell.


No one could see how he could win the 2016 election. Even if he did win 2020, it’s all still going to be pretty ordinary, tax cuts, tax increases, a few stupid policy decisions and a whole lot of folks who think it’s the anti-Christ or the Second Coming.

No, it likely will be someone else who sucks.

They’re very experienced discussing it after watching black folks rioting in the streets and yelling things like “Beat they ass, they white” and then proceed to beatin’ they ass cuz they white. I wonder if they understand how that sounds to, oh, well, white folks. If you’re white, you should be scared to get near something like that.

I wouldn’t be surprised either, but it’s interesting to note that this racist president hasn’t said any such thing. He has no filter.

What? What are they owed? Did someone owe the “vast majority of people of color” something?

Oh, law and order and drugs and stuff, you say?

I get that they might hear that. It doesn’t make it true or them right.

What many other folks hear is we need to crack down on crime. They don’t care what color you are. They just want folks to quit committing crimes or face the consequences, which is profoundly not racist.

And drug war? I’m against it wholly. I’d legalize every single drug over the county tomorrow. I know it disproportionately affects minority populations. It doesn’t automatically follow that drug warriors are racists – except if what you and others are saying is that making minorities obey the same laws as white folks must follow is somehow racist.

White supremacy? What white supremacy are you talking about? You still talking about Trump the economic populist idiot? The border wall? See I don’t doubt for a second that Trump would build that wall on the northern border to keep those northern white folk out of our country if they were coming here “stealing our jobs.” He doesn’t give to flying ------ about folks being some shade of brown.

The longer the left and Democrats (and others like yourself) keep saying stuff like this, the larger the divide will grow and the less y’all will understand why this dolt got elected.

Stuff like this is like other stuff on the conservative side of the coin:

Liberal tool says stuff. Liberal tool is just mistaken and falling victim to confirmation bias. Conservative tool says, “Liberal is a lying sack that wants to destroy America!”

Conservative tool says stuff. Conservative hates crime and job thieves and is basically wrong about how things really work. Liberal tool cries, “Racism!”


"Liberal tool says stuff. Liberal tool is just mistaken and falling victim to confirmation bias. Conservative tool says, “Liberal is a lying sack that wants to destroy America!”

Conservative tool says stuff. Conservative hates crime and job thieves and is basically wrong about how things really work. Liberal tool cries, “Racism!”"

You have a point, except that if Obama had done a TENTH of what Trump does daily, impeachment proceedings would be underway. I still cannot believe the supposed party of family values supports this guy by 80%. It’s like we’re in an alternate reality.

Now, let’s say the show was on the other foot: Trump saw an opening in the Democratic primaries, ran as a Bernie-type, and installed a liberal SCOTUS member and started getting Medicare-for-all passed. Would the Dems support Trump like the GOP is doing, and excuse his bad behavior? Perhaps. Would they do it knowing there was a VP waiting in the wings ready to do everything the Dem version of Trump is doing? No. Trump would have been forced to resign after Charlottesville.

That you guys will defend Trump, while you have Pence ready to step in, is mind-boggling.


You and I have been over this, both on the open board and in private, so many times. I think you are blind to the racism and white supremacy of the United States, and to how it impacts the lives and liberty of people of color. You think I’m full of shit. I’m not sure there’s any point in us going over this again.


BS. He’s had three wives. That HARDLY qualifies as MULTIPLE divorces since he’s still married to his third. (That’s TWO, by the way.) Affairs? So did FDR, Eisenhower, JFK, Clinton and (reportedly) Obama–though his were supposedly gay "affairs."
What’s your “evidence” that President Trump “worships money,” “covets everything,” is either a “pathological liar” or a “bully,” “admitted that he’d never asked God for forgiveness” (especially in view of the FACT that multiple pastors say that he routinely DOES do so)?