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Oh, BS, Anderson. You don’t have the LEAST clue what you’re babbling about. There is NOTHING “racist” about calling for an America-First national policy, or for finally trying to WIN the war on drugs and hold those distributors responsible for the tens of thousands of useless deaths that result from the illegal drug trade.


Can you explain WHY you obviously believe President should have been “forced to resign after Charlottesville?” He said that BOTH sides in that dispute had some good people in them. He was dead-bang RIGHT. There were people marching to protest the removal of confederate monuments for very good reasons. The media ignored them and focused on the neo-Nazis and white supremacists who were demonstrating for their own reasons. There were BLM members who were there solely to provoke violence and there were demonstrators there on that side who at least believed that they were taking a “moral” stand by demanding those monuments’ removal.


“What’s your “evidence” that President Trump “worships money,” “covets everything,” is either a “pathological liar” or a “bully,” “admitted that he’d never asked God for forgiveness” (especially in view of the FACT that multiple pastors say that he routinely DOES do so)?”

Where’s the evidence Trump worhsips money? You must be joking. As for asking for forgiveness,

"Donald Trump says he’s not sure if he’s asked God for forgiveness, at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa on Saturday, which led some to question the sincerity of his alleged Christian faith.

Moderator Frank Luntz asked Trump on Saturday if he had ever sought God’s forgiveness and Trump replied, “I’m not sure I have ever asked God’s forgiveness. I don’t bring God into that picture.

Trump clarified further about forgiveness in the church setting saying, “When I go to church and when I drink my little wine and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of forgiveness. I do that as often as I can because I feel cleansed. I say let’s go on and let’s make it right,” declared Trump.

A true Christian, am I right?


Hey, who wouldn’t hang out with a bunch of people chanting “Jews will not replace us”?


That really depends on your point of view.

I can’t either. I remember when Rush Limbaugh and fans repeated the mantra “Character counts” for years.

They wouldn’t hesitate. President Clinton’s lack of character was just as indefensible. It is only in the past year or two, since it no longer matters, that I’ve been hearing lefties even begin to consider criticizing that guy.

I agree, but when you bring it up, I’m going to respond.

At a practical level, you’ll never persuade a Trump supporter of squat as long as all you’re going to to do is call them white supremacists and racists. That fact that you call them white supremacists tells me you understand exactly nothing about them.

Take a look over at the steel tariffs thread, and you’ll better understand their motivations. You can’t fix problems when you can’t identify the correct. You can’t persuade someone to stop being something he is not.


I can’t persuade someone who has no interest in a good faith analysis of American racism. For example, you once refused to admit it was racist of RET to call for the lynching of Black Lives Matter protestors. That’s about as blatant as it gets. There’s no point discussing this with you. I strongly support Black Lives Matter, and think the government needs to stop murdering innocent black people. You think Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization. We’re too far apart.


You mean people who beat people for being white? Vandalize private property? Loot private property and generally cause mayhem?

Lynching them? Over the top maybe. Racist? Nope.

Break into my house, I don’t care what color you are, I’ll shoot you just the same.


Well, you’re right about ONE thing. You can’t persuade us because you don’t make “good faith analyses.” Black Lives Matter protesters ARE NOT all black. They ARE all domestic terrorists. If they REALLY cared about black lives, they’d come down on the idiotic policies in places like Chicago and Baltimore that have cost more black lives (at the HANDS of other black lives) than all the black lives snuffed out by police agencies combined.


It’s not a mistake, nor is it unchristian; it’s just a style of saying it. I’ve heard preachers on the radio say it that way any number of times.

Remind me how the Dems forced the Bill of Wrongs to resign after all his sexual (and by implication, sexist) misbehavior.

What a laugh riot!

I still do, which is why I didn’t vote for him.

Get the BLM lumber out of your own eye.


NOBODY (and I MEAN nobody) is more racist in behavior and attitude than Democrats. ALL the former slavers were Democrats, ALL the members of the KKK were Democrats, including its founder all the way through Robert Byrd (Democrat from W.Virginia). It was Democrats who fashioned and enforced ALL of the Jim Crow laws. It was a Democrat who first segregated the military services and it was Democrats all who tried to filibuster BOTH the Civil Rights Act of 1964 AND the Voting Rights Act of 1965, both of which would have FAILED without GOP support, even though the GOP was the minority party at that time. It was Democrats who fashioned the vaunted “War on Poverty” which has virtually DESTROYED the black nuclear family by PAYING them to remain unmarried and bear children out of wedlock–which is a virtual FORMULA for black children to FAIL…in school, in business, socially, and in avoiding drugs and other illegal behaviors. It’s Democrats who, when finding themselves losing an argument on the merits ALWAYS pull the “race card” and accuse their opponents of being “racist.”


Comparing the pre-Civil Rights era Democrats to modern day Democrats is really, really stupid. And here’s why:

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Trump retweets video of crippled white kid in Europe being beaten by migrants, and white people being thrown off a roof and then beaten to death, He’s condemned for showing us what the fake news media WON’T. Thank God for Trump! That’s why we love him!

6:33 AM - 29 Nov 2017"

The modern day GOP. Endorsed by the KKK and all about the white people. Or, as Trump would say, can’t we have more Norwegians and less Haitians?


The justice system is racist.

The government murders innocent black citizens at far higher rates than whites.

The War on Drugs was started for explicitly racist reasons, and has devastated entire generations.

Trump has embraced the war on drugs more aggressively than any administration since Reagan. He consistently supports racist policies (e.g. stop and frisk).

If you support policies with racist outcomes, then you’re a racist. If you support a racist administration, then you’re a racist. I don’t care if this offends people on this board, or isn’t diplomatic (I really don’t care about your white fragility).


BS. David Duke is NOT the whole KKK. Most of THEM are STILL Democrats because they KNOW that the Democrat Party is just as racist as it’s always been. They’ve just changed tactics. Instead of chaining up minorities physically, they now “chain” them to freebies from the government after first convincing them that they are somehow “owed” reparations for the Democrat’s own past racist behavior, as if that is or was the NATIONAL policy at work. It never was, despite the claims of today’s Democrats. The Democrats do this for one purpose and one purpose ONLY…to buy votes. The KKK hung as many WHITE Republicans during Reconstruction as they did blacks. You’re a fool if you believe that suddenly, in the mid-1960’s the Democrats had an epiphany and started LOVING black Americans. To his dying day, LBJ thought of all blacks as stupid “ni**ers” and said so, but he was savvy enough to understand that binding their political support to the Democrats was an overall “win” for his Party. BOTH Clintons were known to frequently use the “N” word when referring to blacks throughout their political history. They merely did it more or less in PRIVATE–at least out of the hearing of anyone who would be “disloyal” enough to publicize it. Still, it leaked out from time to time…especially after one of Hillary’s infamous, ashtray-throwing tantrums in the White House.


You know you’ve got a problem when you make a post trying to explain that you’re not a racist, but the post itself is hideously racist.


The WORST racist in recent White House history was Obama himself.


How so?


If you ask a leftist to define “rascist” they will deflect the argument or never reply. Believe me,
I’ve tried it on this forum and in real life. It’s their version of a dog whistle or code word that means we don’t like this person but cannot honestly argue with him based on facts other than distorted and meaningless anecdotes.


Let’s cool it on the personal remarks. The essential rule on this forum is to attack the post if you want, but not the poster.

Murders? Back this up, and not with the likes of the ACLU.

Likewise, cool it. If there was something racist in his post (I saw nothing), flag it and specify. Defacto calling an RO member a racist doesn’t fly.

Good grief. He championed the likes of Trayvon Martin, turned a blind eye to black-on-white crime far more compelling, he chose to associate with racists (Jerimiah Wright, Oprah, half (or more) of the people on his cabinet, etc.). Selective outrage much?


We’re all subject to that, to some degree.


“Racist” isn’t an insult, any more than if I were to call him a “communist.” It’s an ideology. By attempting to make the word “racist” off-limits, you’re just reinforcing white supremacy on the board, which is racist.

I’m curious, using the same standards by which you referred to Obama as a racist, do you consider Trump a racist? George W? HW? Reagan? (I’m guessing you’ll happily call Clinton a racist). What a joke.

My guess is that you’ll say no Republican president since Reagan is a racist, but the first black president is a racist. Which would make you a racist by reinforcing white supremacy. Prove me wrong.