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So and so forth. This has got to be one of the most absurd political conversations in recent history – everyone trying to up-racist the next guy. If this didn’t pretty much match up to the overall

Remember folks:


I have no idea who Anita Sarkeesian is (didnt watch the video). Is she supposed to be famous for something?


Nobody here wants the word off limits but many, including me, just want to know what it means. To glibly state it is an ideology is not going to cut it. Either give us your definition or somewhere we might read the tenants of this ideology; readers digest version please, not the Charles Dickens unabridged version.

If you can’t or won’t do this then we can safely dismiss all of your posts as meaningless.


She is famous for…nothing. It’s the 21st century, don’t you know? Anyway RWNJ’s posted video is three second long; than’s about the same length of time Anita can hold a coherent thought.

Anyway, here is the summary:

You and yours are evil, she and her’s are good.

There I just saved you 3 seconds of your life.


It… took more than 3 seconds to read your post, and I still have no idea why anyone should care about Anika Sorkolium or whatever. Probably the point of Nuthob’s post, but I lack the context to appreciate it, and have no desire to gain it.


I don’t understand the confusion. Racism—in the sense of the word in which I’m using it—is a form of ideological domination where an ethnic group, political system, economic system, etc. systematically and unfairly disadvantages one or more ethnic groups. A racist is anyone who supports forms of racial domination (e.g. through supporting policies that lead to this domination). Racism takes many forms, however…for example, when a person assiduously ignores or refuses to acknowledge the reality of racist domination.

Some forms of racism:

Trump’s threatening of, and attempt to enact, a Muslim ban.

Virtually everything Trump says about immigration, such as that Africans “won’t go back to their huts” if they’re allowed to come here, and his call for more Northern European immigrants.

Trump’s “law and order” reforms.

Voting for Trump.

Otherwise supporting Trump.

Refusing to condemn Trump’s racist terror campaign.

Of course, it’s not just Trump. As far as I can tell, all American presidents, with the exception of Obama, have been racists.


In it, she states that “Everything is racist, everything is homophobic,” etc., and she means it.

She’s a pathetic whiny feminist gamer who isn’t really a gamer but is mad about sexism in video games.


“White Supremacy” is the left’s latest dog-whistle to IMPLY that anyone white IS a racist by definition. It’s BS, and always HAS been BS


…You CANNOT be serious. This is a caricature


can you give an example of a non-racist president (other than Obama, of course)?


President Trump. And I have little use for President Trump.

I have no doubt that many Trump supporters would defend this guy if he shot somebody on a public stage, and they would defend him if he actually implemented a racist terror campaign, but even that doesn’t make the Blowhard a racist.

The existence of our current criminal justice system does not indict everyone who supports it. Motive matters. If it affects some minority group disproportionately, it does not automatically follow that the system let alone supporters, who may or may not be aware of this, is racist.

If purple people actually victimize others through crime more than people with other skin colors, you would expect to see more purple people affected by the system. It’s not racism – well unless facts are racist.

Our criminal justice system and the factors involving race are much more complicated than you seem to think. There’s a lot wrong with it, and some of it may improperly affect minorities. It’s really still a matter of debate. We don’t know with any degree of certainty what the real causes of crime are.

Many Muslims like to blow people up. Many of them would happily blow you up. No other religion promotes it like Islam. It was not in fact a Muslim ban. It was an attempt to ban places where Muslim terrorists seem to originate. Not racist. Not even “religionist.” Many other Muslim countries were not included in the ban.

Economic illiteracy and resulting elitism and classism. Not racism.

Watch this video. She’s dead on right.

What do ya think of her? Is she a racist? Or a race traitor? She in fact is supporting systems you say “systematically and unfairly disadvantages one or more ethnic groups.”

Not racist.

Not racist.

I will happily condemn any racist terror campaign. President Trump must actually commit a racist terror campaign before I’ll condemn his racist terror campaign. Please enlighten me about the pieces of this terrorist campaign, and I’ll condemn it.

See that video again.


Ran across this interesting tidbit:

The European Union rejects theories which attempt to determine the existence of separate human races.

— Directive 2000/43/EC



Sincere thanks for your clarification on terminology. We can now discuss the issue with a common understanding. It’s late and the dogs want to go out. Hopefully reply tomorrow.


This a a “have you stopped beating your wife” question. So tell me J., have you stopped beating your wife?

EDIT: Also, the way you are using the word ‘racism’ is inconsistent with it’s actual dictionary definition. The charge of racism is just the liberal version of McCarthyism, a way of demonizing anything you don’t like. If you accuse enough people of racism, it’s bound to be true at least some of the time…


There’s plenty to criticize in this president without inventing sh…, eh, stuff.


That sounds like urban-bubble thinking.

I think it’s important to understand what actually lead to Trump winning the election, and the cyclical mass human psychology that underwrote him.

The forces are emergent, and the Democrats don’t have an answer for it. These people in “fly-over counties” will continue to align Republican, even if they’re registered independent.


They may or may not align Trump, though. The omnibus sellout (It’s perceived that way, whatever excuses are offered, and in politics perception is everything) has generated a fair amount of disgust and no little outright rage.


Calling him a communist would be an insult, too. The word “racist” isn’t off limits. You can call Trump a racist. I can call Obama a racist. Public figures are fair game. RO members are not. I already told you; if you feel someone is saying racist things on this site, flag them and explain (in the text box that comes up when you flag a post); spewing racism is against forum rules. So is pointing fingers of racism at members in open forum (or in PMs to the member one is pointing his finger at). We the moderators have the responsibility and prerogative to deal with it according to forum rules and our own judgement. You do not.

I never said (nor did it ever occur to me to say) that the Bill of Wrongs was a racist. I would- and have- said much else about his character (lack thereof), but never that. As to the rest, I note that your first resort is to call it a joke that I might dismiss the notion of the Bushes and Reagan (my jury is still out on Trump, but I doubt that he is), rather than cite any compelling evidence to that effect. I cited examples (by no means comprehensive; I’m sure others can fill in a lot of the blanks) of Obama’s racism. You’ve cited jack.

I’m not aware of any of these other Presidents being racist. Obama clearly was, for reasons given and not. I’m not angling for white supremacy. Obama was (and is) angling for black supremacy. I am not a racist. Do not imply that I am (or anyone else who is a member here is) again. I’ve told you twice now how to deal with it if actual racist comments appear. You have been amply warned.


So just to be clear, your actual position is that none of the white presidents post Reagan have been racists. Only the black guy is a racist. What a joke. And yeah, that’s an extremely racist position.


RWNJ, I’ll try to find time to respond. I just don’t have the time anymore to go through and argue point by point like the old days. Turns out having kids is time consuming.