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It may have been held by an R for a while before falling to the D, but it was still in the Pittsburgh area which is very much liberal overall; and the R didn’t lose it that badly.


It was a district Trump won by nearly 20 points.


…and Lamb ran as a REPUBLICAN…promising to govern as a Republican, anti-Pelosi, pro-family, pro-gun, etc.


Pro-union, pro-choice, pro-obamacare.

If the GOP wants to turn into a bunch of Lamb’s, that would be great with me.

"Within 12 hours of giving away our tax dollars to the wealthy and big corporations, Speaker Paul Ryan announced that he would try to pay for it by coming after Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. It didn’t take long for the Republican leadership in Washington to make clear that once they drove this nation another $1.5 trillion in debt, they were going to use that as an excuse to cut the programs seniors depend on and paid into all their lives.

They call this “entitlement reform,” but make no mistake – that is just fancy Washington talk for taking the money you paid your whole working life and using it to cover the trillion dollars they just added to the debt.

It’s not right, and I will fight every attempt to break the promises we made to our senior citizens, working families and children."

Is that really the republican you want? Lulz


In urban areas, yes. But they were already like that. You’re not seeing a change in most counties, other than becoming more Red.

A county in Kentucky that voted blue for every election going back to the 1860s, voted for Trump.

In flyover counties, people aren’t becoming stronger supporters of democrats.


This is amusing considering one of the reddest states in the union elected a Dem Senator, control of Virginia’s House of Delegates was decided by drawing a name out of a hat after the drubbing conservatives received there, and the margin of victory in Georgia’s 6th congressional district (Newt Gingrich’s old seat) was three points.

Unlike the Presidency, there’s no electoral college to snatch a victory from the jaws of popular vote defeat. It’s winner take all, and the Dem’s are going to take the House.


No, you just moved the goalpost.

The question is whether Republicans have an electoral future, and the answer is yes, because of cyclical societal behavior.

I’m not talking about if the Republicans will maintain their current dominance, or if they’ll lose the House or Senate in the next election, I’m talking about if they’ll remain relevant to the upcoming generation, and the answer is yes, because there’s an entire score of it that Democrats outright ignore.

In flyover counties, among people who aren’t minorities, or who are minorities who don’t give a damn about politics in the cities.

Again, I implore you to read this article:

If you don’t, you won’t understand. You don’t know the space you’re navigating.


You linked an article from Cracked? Good lord. What’s next, The Onion? The GOP may have a future years down the road, but it won’t be in it’s present form. You don’t win elections when the largest demographic cohort favors your opponent by two-to-one.


From someone who comes from the Democrat side.

Read it; he knows what he’s talking about. David Wong has a penchant for being substantive, and he’s not joking here.

You need find out what you’re missing, because you just aren’t taking societal trends into account here. (Nor how people’s voting behavior changes as they age.)

You don’t understand what lead to Trump winning, and you aren’t following when I say cyclical.

Nativism is something we see repeated several times in American history; that isn’t accidental, nor is it cultural.

It’s temperamental; an outcry of people embodying personality traits that have been left to languish for too long.

Temperament is the biggest contributor to voting behavior. That’s why outrage leads.


And you linked one from TheHIll. I’m not familiar with Cracked, so no comment on that.


You were always a little odd, but you’ve just completely lost your mind. That doesn’t even qualify as hyperbole. It’s just a bald statement of literal mental illness.

So traumatized that his approval rating with them is now higher than when he was running for president(his decline has been among whites).

The only trauma they’re suffering is a purely mental one. An imaginary one, stoked primarily by white privileged left wing activists such as yourself. A suspiciously high portion of said white left wing activists seem to be on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds, SSRIs or various other anti-psychotic medications. I don’t believe these things are unrelated.


Let’s cool the personal remarks, please. Attack the post, not the poster.