Fox News Aug 14 2022

Fox News the whole day today has the headline CIVIL WAR. Okay it seems like someone wants a civil war. It’s like if huffpost tweeted @GOP hey wanna fight. It’s like dude the left has no time for this drama. Even among us who have guns we really don’t feel like a civil war. I thought it over and realized my right-tard neighbors are the victims of a political system that has them on constant outrage and they shouldn’t have to pay the price for that. Secondly after much prayer I come to the conclusion of turn the other cheek. So what I am asking is this politicize do you guys just wanna line us up and shoot us because daddys going to prison? I don’t want daddy trump to goto prison either he’s quite easy to beat if your name is’nt hilly clinton and James Comey doesn’t name drop you a week out from the election. He’s our proffered opposition sometimes he feels like controlled opposition. So what do you guys want with the left, screenshot for clarity.

But lets stay focused on the important things in America

  1. Orange man bad
  2. Fox news bad

–3. There is no such thing as men and women unless you don’t feel like you’re the right one I guess