Fox News Coverage of Egypt


I found this to be an interesting observation. This one should drive the Liberals nuts.

My 62 year old brother-in-law, recently here from Iran, prefers Fox News’ coverage of Egypt because, they provide far more detail about the whole situation including any involvement of the US.

Iranian news is government controlled and most people with a brain knows that it’s not reliable. He started watching BBC due to familiarity but, found that it didn’t provide the detail that he wanted to see. He also tried CNN. He settled on Fox News and watches it regulary for updates on Egypt. He cited their detailed reporting as the reason.

It seems that anyone with an aversion to the truth hates Fox News. I saw where Mubarak’s supporters attacked the Fox News crew.


All I can add is that I appreciate the non-biased observtion of a man who appears to have his head screwed squarely onto his shoulders.
And, again, CL, God bless you.


That’s why there is more than one news agency. It’s called choice, or freedom if you like.

I’m glad you brother-in-law found a news channel he likes.

Other news crews were attacked too. It’s not just Fox.


Long before I came to know Rush Limbaugh or any other personality or web sites, I found Fox News and was amazed how much news they covered compared to other networks.

When ever I travel, I always look for Fox, but so many hotels don’t carry Fox. I suppose the unions have something to do with this. So much for freedom of choice.



My comment was more pointed at Liberal’s aversion to Fox News as opposed to Egypt. I appologize for not being clear about that.


Do you mean that other networks have more of those really dodgy paid advertisments masquerading as news? I couldn’t believe that! I never watched the others but I wish I had done when I could. I found it exhausting to watch fox because the newsreaders are so loud and forceful to me because ours are very robotic in comparison.

Or do you mean other networks have more fluff news like stuff about celebrities?

The Fox channel did have some stuff on it that spun me out I wish I could remember the name of this guy…it wasn’t O’Reiley. It came on at about 5am here and the whole show was this guy (tall thin kinda greyish hair but not geraldo) sitting on the edge of a desk just talking at the camera…it was really weird hey. He was really forceful and spoke as if he was giving a lecture or a speech to the audience but it was all personal opinion.

It was pretty much like if you had a Newspaper editor read out his opinion piece on air. I watched for a fair while, I remember feeling like he was trying to scare me (this was a while ago) and spoke as if what he was saying was the unquestionable truth and that I’d be an idiot for disagreeing. It made me really uncomfortable lol it just kept going at the same full-on intense pace. I kinda remember him talking about illegal immigrants getting to vote and although i don’t agree with that I didn’t like what this guy was saying about it either or the way he was saying it


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Fox News Channel is a combination of News, Editorial / Opinion, news analysis, and entertainment all SEPARATED by time slots.

I was referring to the straight News. Some networks “news” is a combination of news, opinion and entertainment ALL in ONE so-called “news cast”.

Fox makes it clear what is a news report and what is something else.

What you referred to was obviously an “opinion” piece, probably Glenn Beck, although he uses news stories and researched information to entertain and inform. I have found his information very useful.



You forgot “propaganda.”


Yes, it was clearly an opinion piece but I can’t tell if it was Glenn Beck or Huckabee. I suspect Glenn Beck. I remember it was a very intimate setting like someones study with a bookshelf behing a desk, he was sitting on the top. It made me uncomfortable but not because he’s a conservative, just the format of the show that’s all. The only time you see someone on tv here talking to the camera directly for that long is if something really really bad has happened so maybe that’s why?

We’re quite lame in terms of political discussion certainly on TV. This is about it
YouTube - Dr Andrew Pesce, Sky News, Australian Agenda, 1 August 2010