Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro caught speeding at 119 mp


SIXTY SIX YEARS OLD! :slight_smile:


Can’t say I have never done that, but never at 1:15 PM; that is a 1:15 AM stunt.


I respect the fact she’s expressed willingness to pay the consequences, but I find it hard to believe that anyone is unaware of what their speedometer says when they’re doing over a hundred.


I have not driven over 100 since I was a teenager, which is 50 years ago… I am surprised that she, of all people, would be doing that, but she will just have to pay the penalty.

BTW I had laugh. My Cadillac, a CT6, has a lane departure feature that does not seem to work. At least it does not work like the one I had on my previous Cadillac, which was a DTS. The dealer advised me that it works between 10 to 115 miles per hour. I’ll have to keep that in mind the next time I drive over 115.


My Mustang was limited to 145. I know this because that’s as fast as it would let me go. I used to do 145 for a few stretches of I-20 between Vicksburg and Monroe.


Ford has a habit of limiting all their vehicles. I saw the list once that gave top speeds of each of them.
I tested the 150 PU I was driving at the time, sure as the world, 110 it quit.
My bmw had a rev limiter, but as far as speed, I had to stop when the top started to rattle. (convertable)


One more reason I love that girl.