Fox News, Judge Jeanine, 8pm 10 Sept


If you did NOT see her launch into Hildabeast you REALLY missed something. She would have done LESS damage with an axe in her hand.

Soon as Fox posts the video of her opening statement I will nail it up here.

I was laughing so hard I was crying and at the end I STOOD UP and APPLAUDED…I was by myself, it was that good. Trump has been talking nice compared to the Judge…

Skewer may be the word to describe it?


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Thanks Sam, I should have check back again, thanks for getting on top of this…

The Judge just gave Hillary the FULL Fu Man Chu and it HURT!


Not the first time the lovely Jeanine has crucified Hillary. One fascinating little factoid came out later in her program:

Goldman-Sachs employees are forbidden to contribute to Donald Trump’s campaign.


**Goldman-Sachs employees are forbidden to contribute to Donald Trump’s campaign. **
God I wish that I worked for Goldman-Sachs. I’d have those suckers in court so fast that they wouldn’t know what hit them. Then after I won I’d spend the money on legal fees because I’d then go in & kick their butts. How dare any company tell their employees how to vote in the United States of America!


I just read the jaw dropping BS justification that Goldman gave for this ban: Since Pence is the sitting governor of Indiana, contributions might be interpreted as an attempted pay-for-play with a state or local official which is apparently prohibited by law. Sitting U.S. senators are exempt from this law; they know where their bread is buttered; they are the weasels that wrote the law.

Goldman Sachs bans employees from donating to Donald Trump — but not Hillary Clinton -

In any event, it underlines the desperate measures that the Republican/Democrat/Establishment ruling class will go to to prevent the election of a president who is not in their pocket. Some Berniebots are smart enough to figured out that Hillary is just another bought-and-paid-for puppet of the oligarchy and many are staying home or voting for Johnson or Stein. If they flexed their brain matter just a little more and figure out that Trump is not a sexist, racist, homophobe they may actually vote republican.