Fox News Shocked About Lance Armstrong:


Fox News really needs to kill the Lance Armstrong story already. It’s like they are so shocked that they need to play this breaking news every single day, because then just maybe their hosts will believe it. The American people get it already!!! The guy was a liar and a cheat and fooled us all. Let it go.


No they have to play it up just like when Tiger Woods and his wife divorced over his affairs. Its all about the ratings.


Well they are making me turn the channel off whenever someone talks about him. Something wrong with that business model. Just like Casey Anthony too! I didn’t watch the news all summer because of her!


I watch my local news and read articles online. I cannot stand watching national news channels like Fox and CNN all they do is air the same crap over and over again. Local news airs breaking news and then keeps us updated as more information becomes available but national news just keeps beating the same horse over and over again. It drives me away personally.


Well my local news is NY so it’s inevitably liberal. We don’t have a news channel for NJ anymore. During Sandy we wanted to get more local updates about regions and they wouldn’t even talk about NJ just the same old pictures of the roller coaster.


He was a liar and a cheat? Do tell me more :slight_smile:


This story appears to have been manipulated by Oprah for maximum ratings value. We’ve had, essentially, a week of teaser stories from all manner of media leading up to the “reveal” of Thursday’s interview.