Fox tries to pull Candy Crowley on Trump and supporters

Now three fox news readers have tried to defend Biden over President Trump.

Smith, Wallace and Juan Williams.

They tried to pull a candy crowley on the president and the American people.

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Chris Wallace is like his father, a committed liberal with a sharp tongue who thinks that makes him look “nonpartisan and objective.” He is neither.

As for Juan Williams, he makes me puke. He got canned at a liberal network because he stepped over the line once and didn’t mouth what he was supposed to say. That should have taught him a lesson about left wing intolerance, but the message only stuck with him for about a week. Now he’s the Fox version of Don Lemmon.

Fox needs to have these people on their staff because it shows that the network is far more objective that the rest of the lame stream media which is actively working for Biden and the Democrat Party. As my father used to say about pro wrestling, “It’s not even a good fake!” Cover by the mainstream news departments doesn’t even pretend to be objective any more.

Make Fox great again.

I don’t know how you’re going to accomplish that.

He learned a lesson alright!
Fox gave him a million dollar contract within the month!

Bashing conservatives pays well!

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Darn! I need to get into that business, although I don’t know if I could live with myself.

If all I had to do was bash Mitt Romney, I wouldn’t have a problem.

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My inclination is that Fox hired Williams so they could credibly claim to present all sides to an issue and nothing more. He’s easy to refute, which other Fox personalities do regularly.

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