FoxNews participates in the big cover-up about the Ebola virus!

FoxNews is inaccurately reporting that the Ebola viruscannot be transmitted through the air. This is a big lie!

[color=blue]Ebolatransmission by aerosols confirmed: virus survives for days outside infectedhostsf[/COLOR]

***In fact, a 2012 BBC article entitled “Growingconcerns over ‘in the air’ transmission of Ebola” states: (3)

Canadian scientists have shown that the deadliest form ofthe ebola virus could be transmitted by air between species. In experiments,they demonstrated that the virus was transmitted from pigs to monkeys withoutany direct contact between them. In their experiments, the pigs carrying thevirus were housed in pens with the monkeys in close proximity but separated bya wire barrier. After eight days, some of the macaques were showing clinicalsigns typical of ebola and were euthanised.***


FOX news stated what the CDC has made public. That is CDC issue not FOX, Please Johnwk don’t go there.

From the CDC

Ebola-Reston appeared in a primate research facility in Virginia, where it may have been transmitted from monkey to monkey through the air. While all Ebola virus species have displayed the ability to be spread through airborne particles (aerosols) under research conditions, this type of spread has not been documented among humans in a real-world setting, such as a hospital or household.

So, the truth is, we don’t freaken know if the virus can be spread from human to human through the air!

Science has in fact confirmed the virus can be transmitted through the air! Whether or not this applies to humans has not yet been confirmed, nor has it been ruled out!

I like FoxNews but it needs to be more accurate in its reporting!


The Obama Administration is employing the same tactics used by Hamas. They hide behind woman and children while flooding our country with the poverty stricken populations of other countries!

The CDC representative told FOX new reporter that the virus was not an air spread but a contact virus.

And that is inaccurate. The current indications are that the virus can be transmitted through the air. Whether or not it can be transmitted from person to person through the air is not known at this point in time!


I see so the CDC is wrong. forgive me,



Well I think the real interesting aspect is that the Atlanta CDC exposed over 50 employees to toxins recently. It was a big lapse in medical procedure and security. It was huge in the Atlanta news market; not sure if the rest of the country heard about it.

Saying there is “NO KNOWN cases of airborne transmission to humans” which is being reported by our big media is a dimwitted statement! The fact is, of all the known cases of Ebola, the actual method of transmission is not known in the vast majority of cases and in the remaining cases is speculated upon!

The truth is, there is no scientific evidence that the virus cannot be spread through the air to human beings such as an infected subject coughing and a nearby person contracting the virus through their eyes, nose or mouth, or an open wound on which the airborne virus lands.

One irrefutable fact established is, the virus is present in the saliva, and nasal mucus of an infected person. Another fact established is, the virus does remain alive outside the human body. Another fact established is, transmission can occur from a contaminated source, such as infected bandages, clothing, body fluids, and body fluids includes saliva, nasal mucus, blood, sweat, etc.

The actual method of transmission in the vast majority of Ebola cases IS NOT FREAKEN KNOWN! What is known is, a significant number of diseases such as TB, Chickenpox, the common cold, flu, mumps, are contagious and can be transmitted through the air. However, they can also be transmitted by close contact with an infected person or a contaminated source. The actual method of contraction [airborne or by physical contact] by an infected person is almost always a pure speculation!

The bottom line is, at this point in time, it is not known if the virus can be spread from a contaminated source through the air which makes contact with a person’s eyes, drawn in through the nose, mouth or lands on an open wound.

Anyone on Fox tv saying the virus cannot be transmitted through the air is making that crap up and cannot provide scientific evidence to support their claim.


Well, john, I guess you are the expert, not much more to say.

[quote=“johnwk, post:9, topic:44223”]
Another fact established is, the virus does remain alive outside the human body
[/quote]If it’s not in some kind of host environment, IOW let’s say it’s on a doorknob, how long will it survive? Does it go into a hibernation/spore state and remain infective forever?

Expert? We are talking about ascertainable facts. Why make such an absurd comment?


From the research papers I have read, if in sunlight, a short time. The paper did not define a short time.


Wait a minute, john.

Are you calling studies “ascertainable facts”?

John wk; does measles, Mumps, Spotted Fever, any of these old maladies ever really “go away” please friend, there are old viruses and new viruses out there and viruses continually mutate, able to adapt to treatments, and serums. Did Polio go away? Ebola is a virus or bacteria? In your world just send that doctor and nurse outside the country to die, not your problem just so long as you don’t have to face the fear?

Why on earth are you suggesting that about me? That is an insulting remark, and something I have never, even remotely, indicated!

My only point, which has been from the very beginning is, our popular media is not stating a fact when it tells its audience the Ebola virus cannot be transmitted through the air. In fact, indications are that it can be! And the American people ought not be misled when it comes to such a deadly matter!


If I die I hope it’s due to a giant asteroid.

That Brewer I am not surprised.
Johnwk It seems to me you were questioning the validity of bringing these patients here for treatment, am I wrong about that?

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I’ll repeat the question I asked you previously, john.

Are you calling studies “ascertainable facts”?

Yes! I never made any comment about those patients being brought here. My concern was that FoxNews and our big media in general were giving out inaccurate information about the transmission of the Ebola virus, stating that it cannot be transmitted through the air to people.