FoxNews Poll once again has THE DONALD ahead.


Fox News Poll: GOP nomination race coming into focus, Trump holds edge | Fox News

Here are the numbers: Trump has the backing of 26 percent of Republican primary voters and is closely followed by Carson at 23 percent. The next tier includes two first-term Cuban-American senators: Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio at 11 percent each. Those four capture the support of 7 in 10 primary voters (71 percent).

Here’s the part that is most important:

**But who can WIN? Twice as many Republican primary voters say Trump (37 percent) is the one most likely to beat Clinton than Carson (18 percent). Another 11 percent say Rubio has the best odds. All other candidates are in the single digits on electability.

How is Trump doing this? I think this little insight tells the tale.

More GOP primary voters say economic issues (38 percent) will be most important in deciding their vote for the nomination than say national security (26 percent), immigration (15 percent) or social issues (7 percent).
And that helps Trump. No other candidate comes close to the real estate mogul’s 42 percent rating when primary voters are asked who is most qualified to handle the economy. The next closest is Cruz at 10 percent, while 9 percent say Carson, 7 percent Rubio, and 5 percent each for Bush and Kasich. Fiorina, a former CEO, garners just 3 percent.

There is no question. There has never been a candidate running for president in all of history who had such a stellar ECONOMICS track record.

It’s going to be Trump.

If the team is Trump/Carson, then it will be a LANDSLIDE victory.


It’s not actually:

Jeb Bush Gets More Bad Polling News

The poll held even more bad news for Bush: The former governor came in fourth as the second choice of voters polled. Rubio won that contest with 20.1 percent; Carson came in second for second choice at 14.9 percent. Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina was third with 11.1 percent, while Bush was 10.2 percent. Just 6 percent named Trump as their second choice.

26% = 74% are choosing someone else. If the rest of the field wants someone else other than Trump, than that someone else will be the nominee.


So a smaller portion chooses Trump as a second choice.

That means the SILENT MAJORITY considers Trump their FIRST CHOICE.

I’m with them.


Because you clapped your hands, right?

If I say “I don’t believe in Trump”, will a little topee somewhere go scurrying into the wind?


BS. :vomit-smi


In the favorability numbers Trump trails both Carson and Rubio. Carson is far and away the winner in this regard. He is also ranked the most honest and trustworthy. These numbers speak well to his ability to maintain and increase his numbers and not falter off with those who change their vote.

Could it be Rubio nominee, Carson running mate? Would be interesting and powerful indeed.


If ONLY it were that simple. If I had the power with just hand clapping, Obama would have been deported before he ran against that radio talk show host Alan Keyes, for the Senate seat.

I don’t know what bothers you people more? The fact that I support Trump or the fact that I’m so sure about why I support him. But that brings us to the point that I bother you. And I don’t see any reason for that.

I have a different opinion, and you are taking it personally.
I don’t mean it personally. I don’t know you. I’m not insulting you. And disagreement is not an insult. It’s just debate.

And people wonder why Democrats have it so much easier than Republicans. There’s so much dissent here because we are all THINKERS, as opposed to being mind numbed goose stepping robots like the Democrats. We’ve got just too much of that crap rolling around in our heads, for us being on the same page about not wanting Hillary to be the next president.

Jeez! We all need to see a shrink.


I’m just looking at the crowds, the ratings and the polls.

It’s a brave new ELECTRONIC world, Grasshopper. And it’s moving a lot faster than you’re comfortable with. Hell, it’s moving a lot faster than I’m comfortable with.


The most important categories are leadership and the economy. Trump scores above 50 on that. And that’s the ballgame. After eight years of the Kenyan Shoeshine Boy, the country needs a leader. And the SILENT MAJORITY has just found its leader.


I’m not too sure if this poll, or ANY poll at this point, means very much of anything. We’ve pretty much quieted down for the winter. My opinion, feel free to make it yours:

Trump has been in the lead since September, at least. The one poll with Carson in the lead is an outlier, and we’ll just have to see what happens closer in to NH, IA and SC once a lot of the “cellar dwellers” drop out.


Do you wonder why Trump hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon of vilifying the press for its crucifixion of Ben Carson? Ever wonder why Trump did not sign that collective Republican candidate demand for the debates?

Trump is not part of the Kumbayah Republican collective in the primaries. His goal has remained the same: get nominated.

He doesn’t have a problem with the press. Never did. He always reduced them to the small people they always were. He is readily accessible to ANY form of the media, appearing anywhere and before any microphone. The guy actually allowed himself to be interviewed by Rolling Stone, an avowed ENEMY of conservative Republicans. He even hosted Saturday Night Live, and SNL is HARDLY a friend of the right.

Now he treats them like a gigolo or a pimp treats his bitches. They follow him around like dogs in heat because of his ratings. (Ratings he has created with his speeches, his statements and his alleged braggart style.) He gives them air time and interviews like a pet owner gives a dog a bone. They just lap it up. He has them in the tank. (Doesn’t mean they are going to be changing their voter registration from Democrat to Republican, but it means they’ll be doing very little damage.)

What happened to Carson is almost a crime of journalistic malpractice. But it exposed a weakness that Carson will not be able to recover from. The man doesn’t know how to handle adversity. He’s not a leader. He doesn’t have a real plan. And he’s not an effective problem solver. (which is amazing, considering how many intricate medical problems he solved.)

What I’m afraid of is the fact that he’s handling this so piss poorly that he’s liable to screw up any chance of being THE DONALD’s running mate. His skin color and his background would have been perfect to lead a landslide juggernaut against Hillary. But now he is becoming a liability.

It may come down to Trump/Cruz.


He didn’t villify the media for their smears against Carson because Carson is threatening him in the polls.


Oh, they simply LOVE covering him because he doesn’t disappoint and is continually making outrageous statements. Wait and see how they “handle” him if he’s actually NOMINATED. I promise you it’ll be an entirely different story and his “responses” will be largely suppressed.


Carson has never been a threat to him in the polls. Trump has been ahead since he announced. And he is not an idiot.
Bernie Sanders’ ego got the best of him during a debate and he made that famous line about “your damn e-mails.” It got a great line of applause and it pretty much handed Hillary the nomination. Trump is not going to make the same mistake.

Personally I’m worried that Carson is handling this so badly. He would have been a perfect running mate for Trump. That combination would have guaranteed a landslide victory. But if he fizzles out too soon, he’s no good to the ticket.

Trump-Cruz would win, but Trump-Carson would be a landslide.


He’s already dialed it back on the bombastic remarks.

And the press isn’t fawning all over him because of his outrageous statements. They are fawning all over him because he is still THE DONALD, and still the celebrity in this race. He has reached the grass roots support of the GOP, the SILENT MAJORITY.