FoxNews punishes Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney for daring to tell the truth


“Very good medical treatment”? No mention of torture? No mention of how they caused his injuries, not the plane crash, as they had him say?

No, they were forcing lies on him. And forcing a lie, is not what you want, when you want the truth.


They weren’t looking for the OBJECTIVE truth from him. They were looking for THEIR “truth,” which was that American pilots were criminals, targeting schools and hospitals.


They tortured him into submission to produce a propaganda recording. And it worked!

So, why did FoxNews ban Lt. Gen Thomas McInerney for daring to tell the truth?

Seems that FoxNews has caved into our politically correct crowd.



So were forcing him to lie, and hide the fact that they had injured him.

Their “truth”, cannot include having him claim an injury was caused by the plane crash, when they knew it wasn’t.


C’mon, AS. You aren’t THIS obtuse.


They forced him to lie about where his injuries came from, you can’t walk past that.
That is lying. There’s nothing else to call it.


So, now you are agreeing torture worked and it forced McCain to produce a propaganda recording, which is what the Viet Cong wanted.

It’s about time you came clean.

So, why did FoxNews ban Lt. Gen Thomas McInerney for daring to tell the truth?

Seems that FoxNews has caved into our politically correct crowd.



Propaganda isn’t relevant to whether torture produces intel.

When we said “torture works” back in 2006, we were talking about intel. FACT.

You know I’m right John, you can’t hide it. You need to get a relevant example, or you’re making a bad argument that critics will pick apart, and it will be your own damn fault.


We’ve both GIVEN you “relevant examples” but you ignore them and keep reverting to your claim that torture DOESN’T work because in McCain’s case it produced propaganda (which is what the NVA was after in the first place) and we have only anecdotal evidence today that he ALSO gave them actionable intel. WE got actionable intel from those few people that we “tortured” post-9/11 so it worked in THOSE cases as well.


John has not, you haven’t posted anything. You alude to proof, but you haven’t posted it.

And note, Dave, for the last time, I’m not here to make a case for or against Intense interrogation.

I’m saying, if you’re going to argue for it, make an argument that’s worth reading. Not pure crap you pretend is good enough, because again, your critics are going to notice how flawed your “example” is, they’re going to tear your argument apart, and you’ll only have yourself to blame.

If it’s worth advocating for, then give it the evidence it deserves.


Don’t flatter yourself. You haven’t “torn ANYONE’S argument apart.” The original claim is that “torture” WORKS…and we’ve shown you that it DOES. It worked on McCain and it worked on Kalid and others post 9/11.


If the program or torture doesn’t produce Intel, then guess what Dave? It’s a failure.
And no appeal to “propaganda videos” is going to change the matter. You know this.

The measure of success is intel, so give an example for intel. For what were actually looking for.


We waterboarded Kalid and got the location of bin Laden’s driver/bodyguard which eventually led us to where bin Laden was eventually found and taken out. That’s a FACT.


Thank you, at least you’re trying now.

But this isn’t right; we tracked Bin Laden through his Courier (al-Kuwaiti), who we learned of from a man named Hassan Ghul; who offered the name before we tortured him.

How we learned al-Kuwaiti’s real name has never been publicized, but it’s implied to be something the Pakastanis in one way or another passed along to us.






If this and if that … :roll_eyes:


Bla, bla, and bla.

The question is: Did McCain make a propaganda recording for the Viet Cong after being tortured?



No pity for bad arguments.

If torture doesn’t produce intel, no amount of referring to Propaganda will save the program.

You and Dave both know this. And so will the people who criticize the program.


You CAN’T pretend to be this stupid, AS! If what you’re after is propaganda and you GET it through “torture,” then your “torture” is PRODUCTIVE. If what you’re after is intelligence and you GET it through “torture,” then your “torture” is PRODUCTIVE.