Fractured Republican Party


Just a couple of points:

I’ve read on this site and elsewhere that if it weren’t for Donald Trump we wouldn’t be talking about illegal immigration, jobs and a host of other topics. That’s NONSENSE!! We’ve been talking about illegal immigration, jobs, the economy, taxes, regulations and other important topics for years, even decades. This leads me to my second point . . .

That’s the problem - all the political class has done, specifically Republicans, is TALK about the issues. They have been elected and sent to Washington and have done little - often nothing - to clean up the mess and further their constituent’s political agenda as they promised.

I read an article this morning that blamed a fractured Republican Party on Donald Trump. There is a LOT I don’t like about Trump, but I completely disagree with the article’s assessment. The presence of Trump in this race for the nomination is the symptom, not the cause of the disarray within the Party. The Republican Party, to the extent it is fractured, has been broken by the hands of the timid, feckless and near totally ineffective Republican politicians we have sent to Washington.

Barack Obama’s failed foreign and domestic policy and a limp-wristed Republican controlled Congress that has consistently failed to stand up to Obama have given rise to the phenomenon known as Donald Trump.

Unfortunately and IMHO. the large government often Left-leaning Donald Trump is not the answer.


Except for the last sentence we are in total agreement.

If Romney had conducted an aggressive campaign in 2012 (and won) OR the GOP leadership actually kept some of their promises and not surrendered their Constitutional powers, Donald Trump would not be on the political landscape today.


With that last sentence, we are in total agreement, OP.