France To Teach School Children How To Survive An Islamic Terror Attack…


The French government has released a statement instructing headteachers on “enhanced measures for school safety”, which outlines new security measures including preparing school children on how to survive terrorist attacks.
After the Bataclan massacre in November, the French government published several circulars advising schools on increasing security. But it was after the Nice Bastille Day attack that the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and Minister for Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem signed new measures, stating that the “security of schools is a top priority”.

France To Teach School Children How To Survive An Islamic Terror Attack… | Weasel Zippers

This is a case of acquiescing to terrorism and doing nothing to stop it while muslims continue to make demands and inroads into turning France into another terror state. Citizens are told they must go with the changes and if they resist it is their fault. France waving the white flag again.


Next they will be blaming the victims for “being in the way” of bullets. If it were me I would be putting my resources into added security for stopping terrorist from coming into my country. Also I would have response teams to move in at the first sign of trouble.
Bullies tend to not pick on those stronger than they are, that’s a fact of life. So you want to appear strong enough that they will pick a weaker target (which isn’t you). Making yourself appear weak INVITES them to attack you. That’s a common sense thing that a sadly to many people don’t get because they have no common sense.
I came back to add: If I were a terrorist & I saw that they were teaching people in classes, what would that tell me. It tells me that they KNOW that they can’t stop me from doing what I want to do. Heck that’s like the telling me that it’s open season on the French.


Without that “BIG STICK”, “WALKING SOFTLY” just ain’t gonna cut it!:firing::machinegu


I remember G.W. Bush’s response to a question from a “journalist” as to why he hadn’t consulted with France when he decided to re-open the war in Iraq. Paraphrased, he said, “If I ever need to find out how to retreat or surrender, THEN I’ll consult the French.”