Frantic 911 call leads to 3 missing women in Ohio


The three women who disappeared a decade ago in Cleveland and were found alive are out of the hospital.
Metro Health Medical Center says all three were released Tuesday morning.
A frantic 911 call led police to a house near downtown Cleveland, where the three women were found Monday.
Police Chief Michael McGrath says Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were tied up at the house and held there since they were in their teens or early 20s.

My Way News - Frantic 911 call leads to 3 missing women in Ohio
History has shown that such things happen repeatedly when people really do not know their neighbor and are surprised to find out what they are really like. I am reminded of John Wayne Gacy who was well liked and turned out to be a killer.


the interview with the guy who saved them is worth watching


Heard tidbits on the news last night about this. Some things just really are jaw-dropping. Folks, we MUST stop calling people who perpetrate crimes like this, “sick”, and call them for what they are. “EVIL.”


I agree 1,000%.


CL and Stang, thanks for the “thanks.” It gives me hope that there are more out there like us who realize it’s time to stop the madness of pretending that evil can be fixed. It can’t.
Evilness is not a mental disorder; it’s a soul disorder, and our only job is to see to it that they meet the guy who can fix it - for good.


Yeah, this story covers the round of emotions. I’m happy, and sad for the victims. Angry at the investigations, or lack of. Straight hate towards the perps. It’s a happy and sad story really. The whole situation is every parent’s nightmare, but the ending gives hope.


I hear ya, Stang. The good part: They LIVED!
The sad part: What they lived THROUGH.

I don’t know that a person can eventually get over whatever vileness was perpetrated on them. My heart breaks just thinking about it. (Honestly, I shove it aside because it’s too vile to imagine.)

Their families must be exhalted to find their loved ones alive!
But how will it end?
Gonna be one long row to hoe. I hope and pray they all make it.


I read that one of the girls’ mother died. Really terrible.


I posted too but…Oh well.


[quote=“JStang, post:8, topic:39378”]
I read that one of the girls’ mother died. Really terrible.
[/quote]Stop. You’re gonna make me cry. :frowning:


Gacy was merely exercising his right to have sex the way he saw fit. Too bad for his victims, though. But, that’s what happens when we live in a nihilistic society–everyone can do as they please. [extreme sarcasm]


I work in Cleveland, at a TV station. When I get home, I’ll fill in some details…


[quote=“newshutr, post:12, topic:39378”]
I work in Cleveland, at a TV station. When I get home, I’ll fill in some details…
[/quote] Thank you. This is all so dreadful!And I’ll be one angry citizen if society doesn’t make an example of the evil cretans who perpetrated such vileness!


Quick update… Our investigative reporter just got word from “police sources” that there may have been at least 5 pregnancies between the women and they resulted in deaths of the babies. They may be buried in the back yards of the house and/or vacant houses bordering the Castro house…


Ugh. But thanks for the update. :frowning:


reports of disturbed earth in the back of the houses. Pregnant women were beaten. Were forced to have sex with their captors.


Oh how horrible! Those poor women. They need lots of prayers for healing. And the thugs who took them should pay with their lives.


The FBI is running the crime scene at the house. They’ve found bondage equipment and chains. Also, they’ve brought in a K-9 officer and cadaver dog from nearby Geauga County.

Crime scene techs have been entering the house in tyvek suits…


Take that vermin out to the county square and hang 'em, and a hang 'em HIGH!

DON’T give me this nonsense about ALL of us losing our rights if we do so.

I don’t want to hear it. NOR any of the grissling details from scum who perpetrated such evilness.