Fraudulent Trump University sounds just like Trump's campaign


Take a listen to this. Trump talked then about his scam school like he does now about his campaign. Shouldn’t we conclude that his campaign is a fraud as well?

Oh, and as for Trump’s claim that he has “won most of the lawsuits,” he has won a grand total of ZERO.


Plaintiffs and Class Members who attended Trump University’s real estate
6 investing classes, were promised a **“complete real estate education,” **a “one year
7 apprenticeship,”
a one-on-one mentorship, practical and fail-safe real estate techniques, a
8 “power team” consisting of real estate agents, lenders, personal finance managers, property
9 managers and contractors, and were assured that although the Seminars were costly, they
10 would make the money back in their first real estate deal, and could make up to tens of
11 thousands of dollars per month or more. Plaintiffs and Class Members did not receive what
12 they bargained for.
13 5. Instead of a complete real estate education, students merely received an

14 “infomercial” pushing additional Seminars or workshops they were told they would need to
15 take to succeed. The “one year apprenticeship” they were promised was actually just a three-
16 day seminar; the one-on-one year-long mentorship consisted of no practical insights and no
17 mentorship, but rather excursions to Home Depot and “mentors” who either recommend real
18 estate deals that they stood to benefit from financially, raising a conflict of interest, or who
19 quickly disappeared and failed to return calls.
I’m really wanting to see the source documents here. Because clearly, $1,500 is not going to buy you an apprenticeship, a full real estate education, and a mentor.

Wow, whoever wrote this compliant is going to get mauled by Trump’s attorney’s though

Comparing Trump
2 University to Harvard University is a bit like comparing a snake oil salesman to a brain
3 surgeon.
Who the hell writes a legal filing like this?

Trump University was represented as providing a year-long real estate education
11 and mentorship, when in actuality, it was providing only a three-day long infomercial,
12 designed to confuse, rather than educate, its students, and to persuade them to purchase even
13 more Seminars. The Program fails to give students complete information or specific

14 techniques, so that they do not feel confident to get involved in real estate investing on their
15 own, and instead decide to purchase another seminar. **In sum, the program is not designed to
16 educate, but to sell. **
Yeah, that’s exactly what %95 of business workshops are. And the few that aren’t, are operated by trade associations, for its members.

This suit is going to get thrown out, unless they’ve got something in writing where it claims that $1,500 buys you an apprenticeship, a mentor, and a one-year daily real-estate education.
I don’t see how anyone can reasonably expect all of that for $1,500.

And yes, the workshops are giant waste of money that just try to sell you more workshops. This is pretty well known to just about everyone in business.

Workshops are there to motivate you, and help you meet other aspiring people in your target field. You keep in touch, and grow together and support each other(and most importantly - compete against each other). Any workshop I’ve attended, I’ve done it with the intention of gaining some rivals/friends. I never expected to gain mastery on a topic over a weekend. It’s ludicrous to assume that.