Free speech


I’m not clear on what the two axis on the graph represent. So near as I can tell, they appear to be redundant.

Left - right represents support or desire for free speech

Up - down represent the actual amount of free speech.

The interesting part is that some countries have more free speech than desired.

Yes it is.
But I’m surprised Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia and Tunisia are even as far to the right as they are. I thought all Muslim nations hated free speech because it can be used against Islam. Maybe all the remaining Muslim nations are off the scale to the left. I don’t see Iran. And where’s communist China?

It’s nice that they got the direction correct. Lefties are less interested in freedom.

Ah yes, the liberal strongholds of Kenya, Pakistan, and Egypt vs. the bastions of conservativism … checks notes … Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Yes, everything lines up as you see it.

Okay, gotcha.


I was referring to the direction of the axis, not the appropriateness of the countries, @Gene.

But Denmark does indeed pride itself in freedom. I don’t know much about Sweden and Norway.

And lefties/liberals are not the only ones that hate freedom. Pakistan and Egypt are Muslim nations. Recall that I said “I thought all Muslim nations hated free speech because it can be used against Islam.” Kenya is only 11% Muslim, so I don’t know what its problem is.

Totally agree. Did you know their prime minister is a Social Democrat and a member of the European Socialists?

Check the Danish Social Democrat party’s logo by the way

Recognize the rose?


I’ve heard people discuss the Scandinavian governments and claim they’re socialist in name only, having adopted capitalist ways to make it work. I don’t know, but having no confidence in socialism at all, I suspect they’re right.