Free State of Jones

I just watched this movie on Netfilx. Of course they hit the topic of race very hard, appropriately. But they barely mentioned the political parties and never mentioned responsibility at all.

They showed the KKK without mentioning it was a Democrat Party organization. They read the 15th Amendment to the Constitution (which guarantees everyone the right to vote) without mentioning it was approved along a strict party-line vote. (Dinesh D’Souza reported that somewhere, I think in his “Hillary’s America” movie.) There was only one little segment where they even mentioned the parties at all–where Republicans had to make threats to be allowed to vote, but the tally was doctored by Democrats.

Maybe they shaded the truth because if it had been accurate, it would have looked like a hit piece on the Democrats.

Here is another “historically accurate” re-write from the Hollywood lie machine. The Democrats were the conservative party throughout most of the 19th century and supported the continuation and spread of slavery. After the Civil War they opposed the Constitutional amendments that formally ended slavery and then enacted they Jim Crow laws that perpetuated its spirit. The Democrats also supported the Confederate monuments that the left now supports tearing down. The Republicans supported the 1964 Civil Rights Act while the Southern Democrats opposed it. These are historical facts, but those events are never taught in the schools.

A few millennials might go to see this bit of Hollywood propaganda, but by enlarge, they will probably ignore it. Few of them are interested in history and what they might learn from it. They are more interested in repeating the mistakes of the past by advocating larger and more pervasive government.

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