Free to a good home


OK folks. I finally win a top prize in a raffle and it’s something I can’t use. I have a $125 gift certificate for white water rafting at Ohiopyle State Park in South Western PA. I’m actually having trouble giving this thing away lol. There are no rafters in my circle I guess. Take a look at the link and check things out. If anyone thinks they would use it I will send it to you. As the title says, free to a good home. I just hate to see it go to waste.

White Water Rafting Ohiopyle | White Water Adventurers | Guided Rafting Trips In Ohiopyle State Park


Nice of ya to offer, Perkins. Wish I could use it/them.
Ya know what might work? Selling them. (Worked for my S-n-L.)

Hope you don’t mind if I share a ‘Free to Good Home’ story.

A local radio station has a “Party Line” where people call in for an hour every morning to sell, buy, give away their stuff.
This guy had a 2 yr. old Chocolate Lab he was giving away to “a good home.” Didn’t stop there, though. His demand sheet to whom he was willing to give the dog was about a mile long.
MUST love dogs very, VERY much. Must have a fenced-in yard. Must know how to continue its training… On and ON he went to the point of, Sheesh, Dude, ya wanna give the dog away or not?!



I’m a scared a water. :crybaby:


Having an issue just trying to give it away let alone trying to sell it. I do believe I finally found it a home. Find out tomorrow.