FRESH BOMB THREAT: Explosion at New Jersey train station day after New York blast


AN EXPLOSION has taken place at a New Jersey train station after a backpack riddled with IEDs was discovered by two homeless men amid fears America is in the midst of a tsunami of terror.

A bomb squad was called to the Northeast Corridor train tracks in Elizabeth, New Jersey, after five explosive devices was found in a backpack.

But as a robot was working on the package, it exploded, according to a police officer at the scene – it was reportedly not a controlled blast, indicating it could have been triggered remotely.

FRESH BOMB THREAT: Explosion at New Jersey train station day after New York blast | World | News | Daily Express


Read this somewhere else …

> According to Elizabeth Mayor Christian Bollwage, two unidentified men found a package in a trash bin around 9.30pm and decided to take it because they ‘thought it was of some value’.
> When they saw wires and the pipe they dropped it and called Elizabeth Police.


He says it in the video in your link.

EDIT: huh… now the video is gone.

Wait what…

??? Why is he attacking a Republican who supported him?

EDIT 2: Oh, that’s not Trump. It’s an imitation account. The newspaper should probably get better editors. This, and the grammatical mistakes are embarrassing.


Bombs all over NYC, in New Jersey and ISIS stabbings at a mall in St Cloud, MN - so, I have an idea, Barack, why don’t you order bringing in another 110,000 ME refugees next year - people we can’t vet and a population made up largely of young men?

Oh, you have already decided to do this and Hillary plans on increasing that number?

Great idea.

President Obama may not be a Muslim operative/sympathizer, but he might as well be - take a look at America’s decline and turmoil both around the world and here in the United States that has taken place on his watch.