From Fox And Friends This Morning. (Psychiatrist Dreams Of Killing Whites!)

From Fox and Friends this morning.

This is about that psychiatrist nut, Yale graduate who dreams of killing whites!

Has audio.

Starts at around 9:20

(Just in case: Sorry about the POS who pops up in the political ad but you can skip it after a few seconds!)

Yes, I heard that this morning and was appalled. This woman is at Yale University, one of the most respected schools in the country, and she is saying this? It just wasn’t a brief, off the cuff statement. She ranted on for a few minutes.

Biden keeps telling us that “racist White males” are the greatest threat to the country. He needs to look in his own backyard.

well…it’s okay if leftists say it.

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I get the same. I heard about this elsewhere, though. Yale says they don’t condone it. My guess is that they’re doing the nudge-nudge wink-wink when they say it. Yale is a craphole compared to many decades gone by.

Left doesn’t want you to see what their side says. These people are violent and sick. These are the kind of people that would kill you and your kids, cut their heart out and eat it.

Only on the holidays. We’re not barbarians after all.

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A decent person would condemn statements like this, but not a “progressive.” Imagine if any minority were substituted for the word “White” in this woman’s rant. It would front page news for the “progressives.” But for them, it’s a joke.

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This video has been removed

But, on Twitter all the lefties hate Jews now

Well, a decent person would condemn statements like this:

But here we are.

Don’t you think the reductionist conflation of Jewish people with the Israeli state is a bit insulting on your part? It would seem you view Jewish people as a monolith.

The hatred of Jews by Muslims isn’t limited to Israelis by Middle Eastern Muslims. It’s happening here. And given that at least some on the left are (loudly) crying foul whenever Israel defends itself, I think it’s at least somewhat understandable to call into question the leftist attitude toward Jews in general.


Anti-Semitism has become a popular position with far-left Democrats, like “The Squad.” It’s one of the reasons why they are all in with the Iran Nuclear Treaty. What difference does it make if an Iranian atomic bomb, with “death to Israel” painted on it, lands on the Jewish state? The only problem would be from the fallout that might land on the Palestinians.

After all of the support that the Jewish people have given to the Democrat Party through the years, it’s hard to figure out why the radical Democrats have become anti-Semitic. Interestingly enough, I might have seen this coming when I was young. At the anti-Vietnam war protests, some of the most violent arguments within the ranks occurred between far-left gentiles and Jewish people over the State of Israel and its legitimacy. Now that the far-left has metastasized and taken control of the Democrat Party, those anti-Semites have taken control of the discussion.

Yes, here the far-left is … incapable of condemning violence and having day dreams about killing a race of people over politics and delusions about racism.

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Okay, but here’s the problem I keep seeing coming out of the right I want to set straight.

Israel =/= Judaism
criticism of Israel =/= antisemitism

I can’t prove it, but I believe that in the minds of many in the radical left (which seems to be dominating the left of late), hatred of Israel is because they hate Jews.

Wow. Um.

Well, personally it’s got to do with the massive force and war crimes committed against the Palestinians, but to each their own I guess.

I have to wonder what the far left finds appealing about radical Muslims who want to exterminate the Jewish race. If the Palestinians had laid down their arms and approached the situation with reason, they would have had a homeland and peaceful trade with Israel which would have benefited them greatly. Instead they align themselves with Iran and the Muslim terrorist groups which has gotten them nowhere.

But, that how the far left operates. There can be no co-operation and no compromise, only confrontation. That’s what their little professors taught them in college, and too few of them are willing to re-examine their position or look at the political realities of what their Democrat Party leaders really want. It’s all about centralized power and wealth for the few and nothing about improving the human condition.

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Pretty much. Unless former Israeli Prime Ministers Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert are raging anti-semites, a reasonable amount of criticism directed at Israel is warranted with regards to its treatment of Palestinians. That is not the same as calling for Israel’s destruction, which is downright moronic. Good luck trying to eliminate a nation which has nukes and a mobilization capacity superior to any other nation.