From Fox And Friends This Morning. (Psychiatrist Dreams Of Killing Whites!)

“Massive force?” Thousands of rockets isn’t massive force? If one is attacked, is one only supposed to use as much force as one is attacked with (which is exactly not what won WWII)?

As to war crimes, feel free to name specifics, and we’ll compare how they stack up to terrorists deliberately targeting Israeli civilians, while Israel takes extraordinary pains to avoid harming bystanders (not at all costs, of course), and still gets castigated.

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I think that’s true, but it’s a moot point. The problem is not only “criticism of Israel”, but vicious hatred of Israel. Doesn’t the very charter of Hamas call for the annihilation or Israel? Don’t Iranian leaders lead the chant “Death to Israel”? (Why is Iran enriching uranium?) Don’t liberals here in the US dislike if not despise Israel?

Antisemitism and hatred of Israel are both unacceptable. Conflating them is just a clerical error.