From kick A## to Kiss A## Generation


Clint Eastwood said that Trump is challenging today’s kiss a## generation and I couldn’t agree more. Now I’m not all aboard the trump train but Clint has a great point. Even as a millennial I can attest to the benefits of hard work, sacrifice and being honest with each other. The key to my intellectual growth was to talk less and listen more to the generation that came before me and the generation before that. What is the cause of today’s codified p.c. world? Where are we headed if we can’t be frank with one another? What can be done to change this course?


Can’t really change it. People have to grow up on their own. If they don’t they will spend the rest of their life whining. I am blunt with people. If you ask me for my opinion I am going to get it too you without tact. IF that hurts your feelings then don’t ask next time.